Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Are Making A New Serial Killer Movie

Ben HaywardJune 9th

In news that many of us have been patiently waiting years to hear, it’s been revealed that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are working on a new serial killer movie.

According to Deadline, Svalta, follows a family on their summer holiday to a remote Swedish island where there turns out to be a serial killer on the loose, however the family soon discover that the locals seem to have no interest in helping them escape... 

Pegg and Frost are working alongside producer Miles Ketley, and creative directors James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders from the Stolen Picture production company to develop the movie, which has been picked up by Orion Pictures.


John Hegeman, President of Orion Pictures told Deadline: “We are unbelievably excited to be partnering with Simon, Nick and Miles on Svalta.

“The story is scary, awesome and crazy, and their unique voice is perfect for this movie. We can't wait to bring this to the big screen with them.”

Ketley added: “Orion is the perfect home for the horrifying vision that Nick has conjured up from his maverick brain.

"We always said that everything we do has to come from left-field and find something unexpected at its centre and with this partnership with John and Dan [Kagan from Orion Pictures] and their amazing team, Svalta is the perfect project to do that.”


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pegg and Frost’s on-screen partnership, which started with the legendary cult sitcom Spaced, before they took their talents to the big screen with the ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End.

Explaining how the movie come to get the nickname the Cornetto Trilogy, director Edgar Wright said: "At the [Shaun of the Dead] after party they gave out free Strawberry Cornettos (as featured in the movie) so me and Simon contrived to mention Cornettos in the next one as a way of getting more free ice cream next time around... (we didn't)."

As yet, Svalta doesn't have a release date, but if their previous work is anything to go by I for one hope it’s soon!

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