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Abigail MeadowMarch 20th

The weekends may seem pretty dull now we can't go to our favourite resturant to eat our favourite foods, self isolation can be tough, but let's put a positive spin on it shall we?!

There has probably never been a better time to start a hobby has there?! When you're alone it's 'me, myself and I' and that's great - so let's start something off fresh.

You may feel confined in your home but the possibilities are endless, so we thought we'd give you six potential activities to give you a little boost.


1 - Yoga


Yoga is proven to relieve stress and is great for strengthening your core. When you're feeling a little more confident too it's super fun to try out all the crazy poses.

All you need is a yoga mat and a good YouTube video and you're good to go!

This yoga mat we have found online is affordable (priced at just £14.99) and the perfect starting place for your yogi journey.

2 - Baking


Because who doesn't love a baked good? Nobody.

There's a reason why people say 'cooking is an ar, butt baking is a science'. It takes skill to be a good baker, precise mesurements are needed to create the perfect sponge or souffle.

Baking can be rather unforgiving when it goes wrong, so why not try and perfect it?

With these measuring spoons, you'll never mess up a recipe again! Hey, maybe this time next year we'll see you on the Great British Bake Off?

3 - Origami


Origami is a peaceful art and with this self help book with cute faces on, you'll never tire of folding up pieces of paper.

If you live with young children (or if you've got that one housemate where you always question 'how on earth did they even get into uni?') this one would be perfect to do together to keep spirits up and the fun alive!

This kit costs just £19.99.

4 - Knitting


Look, I know you're not a grandparent just yet but knitting is an extremely calming hobby.

Not only that, but at the end of if, you'll get a nice new piece of clothing. A nice scarf maybe?

This book will help you learn all you need to know about how to knit, costing just £7.95

5 - Gel nails


Okay, I may or may not have added this one because it's exactly what I'm learning how to do on my free weekend.

But who knew there was such an art behind painting your nails! There are loads of video's online that you can follow, but until then, we've found this incredible starter kit for just £20.39.

6 - Scrapbooking


Scrapbooking is a fantastic hobby to get into especially when you're stuck inside dreaming of getting out.

With this scrapbook and metallic pens you can draw around your memories and write anything you want next to them.

Costing just £14.99 you can take a walk down memory lane and get creative too!

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