Six Things You Absolutely Need in Your First Year Of Uni | TOTUM
Emily CoatesAugust 5th

Tonnes of freshers every year end up taking way too much stuff to uni and forget about the actual essentials that will help you get through your first year - I know that I ended up taking a whole bunch of things that just spent the year in the back of my wardrobe but I completely forgot about things that I ended up needing a lot.

Luckily I’ve put together this list to help you avoid making the same mistakes as me as you start getting ready to move out and start your uni life!

1 - A Cosy Cardigan or Jumper


One thing that I didn’t consider when going to uni was how cold my halls would get - my desk was near my window and they would turn off the heating during the day (even in the middle of winter!) so it would get cold in my room pretty easily and I’d end up wearing my cardigan most days.

A cosy jumper is also perfect for throwing over your outfit when you have a 9AM to get to and you’re not quite ready to give up that pyjama feeling yet - basically, this might have been the best thing I bought all year and I’d definitely recommend getting one to any freshers that don’t have one yet!

2 - A Durable Backpack


Whilst you might not have tonnes of notebooks to carry around, you’ll definitely want to invest in a sturdy backpack for your first year of uni.

Having a big rucksack is super handy when you need to carry around a couple of textbooks and your laptop as well as other essentials like food and money - I was definitely grateful for mine on the days when I planned to hide out in the library as I could easily fit everything I needed into it and I didn’t have to worry about leaving things at home! Plus with TOTUM Digital you can get money off stores like ASOS for free, so buying a decent bag doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either!

3 - A 16-25 Railcard


Keeping up with friends when you’ve all moved away from home can be tough and it can definitely be expensive if you have to pay to travel around the country when you want to meet up.

Using a railcard can get you a ⅓ off train travel as well as a few other offers to help make any trips away a bit more affordable! I used mine a tonne this year as I’d use it to travel home for the weekend as well as go for days out with my friends - it definitely pays for itself in no time and it’s a really handy thing to have if you’re planning to do a lot of traveling.

4 - A Reliable Laptop


Unlike when you were at school, you’ll probably rely on your laptop rather than paper and pens for taking notes which means that it’ll have to be able to handle anything from writing essays to using digital textbooks!

You’ll also probably want something that will let you stream TV and films and play video games as many students don’t take a TV with them in their first year and rely on their laptops for entertainment. You definitely don’t want your computer to break down just before an important deadline or exam so it’s important that you have one that you know you’ll be able to count on.

5 - Insurance For Your Gadgets


This was something that I didn’t even consider when I first went to uni, it was only something that I thought about after my friend mentioned that she had just bought some for herself.

Many students don’t consider the fact that it can be super expensive to replace or repair your phone, laptop or tablet if it gets damaged or stolen and then they find themselves having to pay for it halfway through the year - instead, it’s much better to just get insurance right at the start so you don’t have to worry about this at all! Endsleigh offer really good cover specifically for students. You can check it out here.

6 - A TOTUM Card

If you’re anything like me, then you were probably looking at this list and starting to worry about how expensive it all seems.

Thankfully, TOTUM is a great way to get loads of student deals which can save you money on everything I’ve included on this list as well as anything from makeup to food to days out.

It’s really easy to sign up and you can save a tonne of money when starting your uni shopping - basically, you have no excuse not to, so click here to sign up now!

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