Taking The P*ss Out Of Your Partner Makes Your Relationship Stronger, Says Study

Forget regular romantic dates or listening to each other’s feelings, perhaps knowing how to laugh at your other half is the key!

Professor Jeffery Hall (he’s a Communications Studies Researcher – so he should know his stuff) has been looking into what relationship characteristics can add up to extra years of happiness. His recent research at the University of Kansas suggests that couples who can laugh together, stay together.

As it turns out, you don’t need to be a regular comedian or be able to make a joke out of anything to hit #relationshipgoals. You and your bae just need to have a similar sense of humour. And even more importantly, you need to be able to laugh at yourselves!

According to Prof Hall, those weird inside jokes that only crack the two of you up are exactly the key to lasting love!


But beware, there is a difference between laughing with your date and laughing at your date. Mixing the two up could lead to lonely hearts, so to be clear…

Highlighting how weirdly hilarious it is that your partner cries at McDonalds adverts = absolutely fine.

Picking on your partners insecurities for a cheap laugh in front of your mates (or when you’re on your own) = absolutely not fine.


Perfect the balance and you could be on your way to relationship success.

So, this Valentine’s Day, instead of whispering sweet nothings to your loved one over a candlelit dinner, try having a good old belly laugh at one of their quirks. After all, their complete inability to sing in tune to The Greatest Showman soundtrack is one of the reasons you love them right?

The science says it might make your relationship stronger than ever!