Abigail MeadowOctober 6th

It's not fun coming home after a long day of lectures or grafting away at assignments in the library to find nothing in the cupboards but a bit of dust.

I'm not trying to turn you into Gordon Ramsey, but lets not be an idiot sandwich here.

Give your future self a little inspiration when you get home with some basic essentials to keep stocked up in your cupboard to make some tasty meals.


Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper can jazz up any dull meal. The art of seasoning is something you should definitely try to master while you're cooking, it'll change your life and your meals. Thank me later.

Although watch out for your salt in-take, 'cause that one's not too good for your health if you have too much of it.



It's a classic student staple meal and a good one too with all that slow release energy to keep you going! Why not try whole grain pasta too, for a lower calorie in take but high in fibre!

If you're looking for a really simple meal or snack then pasta with grated cheese and some salt and pepper is the ultimate comfort food and costs next to nothing to make!

Chopped Tomatoes


Have you ever noticed your mum or dad weirdly has loads of chopped tomatoes in the cupboard? That's because they're an essential at any age when cooking... take note from your parents.

Chopped tomatoes are the base of loads of good meals. Curries, pasta sauces, chilli con carne, anyone?

Tins of Soup


Although it's way more fun to make your own, sometimes on a rainy day its easy to just pull that tin out from the back of the cupboard and whack it on.

You can even purchase saches of soups for super cheap and you can carry them in a travel mug to uni if you're not fancying a hot drink... which leads me to...

Tea and/or Coffee


Feeling sad? Cup of tea Feeling relaxed? Have a brew Friends coming for a catch up? Put the kettle on

Need I say anymore?


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