Theres A BandersnatchSecret Ending AndHeres How ToGet It

Ben HaywardJanuary 9th

If, like me, you got a little too obsessed with Black Mirror’s latest offering, multi-pathway psychological drama, Bandersnatch, the news there’s another secret ending should be right up your street.

Yep, it’s been revealed that the Netflix choose-your-own-adventure movie has a secret post-credits ending on top of the main five, although it’s not the easiest to track down.

According to Screenrant, Bandersnatch has 1 trillion possible story threads, but when you get down to it there are really just five unique endings.

However, it's been discovered that if you follow one of a few very specific paths in Bandersnatch, you can access an extra scene... 

After the credits roll, the show goes back to the start, with Stefan sitting on the bus to Tuckersoft on his way to make his first pitch of the game.

Now, you'll remember that in the regular show you get the option to listen to either the Thompson Twins or Now 2 cassette - well in this version Stefan loads a tape for Bandersnatch, which plays a mix of high-pitched beeps and static.

Although the scene ends here, that's not all... According to Screenrant eager fans realised that the tape was for the ZX Spectrum - the 8-bit home computer released in 1982 that Bandersnatch was being designed for, put the sound in an emulator and got a QR code (a two dimensional barcode).

Then, following the trail, this led to a page on the Tuckersoft site where you can download a working copy of 'Nohzdyve', the game Colin is developing at the start of Bandersnatch.

Apparently the exact method for reaching this hasn't been cracked yet, however The Wrap posted the details of one route they took to get there, which goes as follows: Sugar puffs, Thompson twins, Accept, Accept, Go back, Refuse, Yes, No, The Bermuda Triangle, Shout at Dad, Visit Dr. Haynes, Pull Earlobe, Take them, Follow Colin, Yes, Stefan, Go back, Colin, Flush them, Hit desk, Pick up book, PAC, Throw tea over computer, P.A.C.S., 20541, Who’s there?, Netflix, Try to explain, Tell him more, Fuck yeah, Fight her, Kick him in the balls, Who’s there?, White Bear symbol, Back off, Kill dad, Bury body, Yes, He jumped, Chop or bury? Chop up body, Destroy computer, Pick up photo, White Bear symbol, Chop up body, Destroy computer, Get rabbit from dad, PAX, White Bear symbol, Chop up body, Destroy computer, Get rabbit from dad, Toy, Yes.

Got all that? Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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