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Grace @ Yugen ExploreFebruary 28th

We know that packing to go travelling can be stressful. You’re jetting off into the unknown and leaving your friends and family behind, so we want to make it as easy as possible and ensure you’re well prepared!

  1. Rucksack

This is probably going to be the most important item and your biggest investment. We can assure you, it’s money well spent! It’s definitely worth investing in a front-loading rucksack that opens like a suitcase. It means you don’t have to rummage around and dig to the bottom.

Good back support and padded straps is also important. It’s a lot to carry on your back as you’ll be packing on average 15kg. Remember, you’ll be carrying it on trains, planes, buses and occasionally walking down dusty roads trying to find your hostel!

For your large rucksack we would recommend a size of around 65L for a long trip. Then you’ll need a small daypack of around 25L and this’ll go everywhere with you. If you will be doing a lot of walking, then good back support, comfy straps and water-resistant fabric are a must.

  1. Microfibre travel towel

So simple yet so revolutionary! They’re compact, lightweight and have a hanging loop to hang in the shower. Made from lightweight, quick drying fabric with an anti-bacterial finish, this stops them from smelling like normal towels would. Our ‘Wanderlust towel’ comes in a bag with mesh vents so it can still be aired out even when it’s packed away.

  1. Battery pack

Don’t underestimate the need for a good battery pack when you’re travelling. Your phone is usually your source for photos, maps, music and your all-important tickets or booking confirmation. This is why it’s important to keep your phone charged and have a battery pack to hand. They’re great for long bus journeys. And never leave your phone on charge unattended, just in case it gets stolen!

  1. First aid kit

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Make sure you have a first aid kit with the basic essentials. Things like; paracetamol, ibuprofen, anti-diarrhoea tablets, plasters and any prescribed medication or birth control to last the duration of your trip. These could be difficult to get hold of depending on where you are going. Ours comes in a waterproof hard-shell case so it won’t get damaged in the bottom of your bag.

  1. Water bottle

It’s really important to consider the environment, after all, that’s probably the reason you’re going travelling! Most hostels, hotels and airports now have water bottle filling stations with clean water. This means you don’t need to buy plastic bottled water as much.

You can also buy water purification tablets that destroy the bacteria in contaminated water. These are definitely worth investing in as you don’t want to get ill on a tour or trek.

  1. Padlock

You can never be too safety conscious when you’re travelling. You need a padlock for your rucksack and one to lock your valuables away in the hostel. A combination lock is always better than a key, as there’s a good chance you will lose it and have to get the bolt cutters!

  1. Bug spray

Insect repellant is one of the most important items when going travelling. Insects can carry nasty diseases and not to mention how annoying itchy bites are! Even if you are taking tablets we would ALWAYS recommend an insect repellent. Buy before you fly as they can be expensive and poor quality in remote places. Incognito is tested to be 100% effective against mosquitos. It’s vegan, natural, non-greasy mosquito and insect repellant.

  1. Dry bags

These are great to keep your belongings dry but an even better way to separate your stuff. We’d recommend 3 different colours and sizes so you can easily find your underwear, casual wear or walking gear. Saves rummaging around in the dark!

  1. Passport holder/bag

Having an RFID blocking passport/money wallet is really important. Thieves now have scanning devices and can scan your cards through your pocket. It’s also important to keep your valuables close and even under your clothes on overnight journeys. Remember, you can never be too cautious!

  1. Shampoo bar

Another great way to help the environment and save space. Buy bars that are totally plastic free and come in a metal tin to protect it. They double up as shampoo and body wash, are compact and last for months.

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Travelling opens your eyes to the amazing world that we live in. The cultures, landscapes and people you meet along the way will be life changing. Stay safe, be prepared, but most of all just go!

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