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Ben HaywardApril 21st

As we celebrate International Earth Day, there does seem to be one unexpectedly positive side-effect of the Covid-19 outbreak…

As people spend less time in vehicles, offices and factories and more time at home, there are numerous examples of the positive effects our changes in behaviour are having on the Earth. 

From clearer waters and reductions in air pollution to record numbers of turtles returning to breeding grounds in Thailand and a herd of goats taking over a welsh town, it turns out that nature is revelling in our absence!


There are tentative hopes that from these dark times some positives may appear - with a new found desire to really limit our impact on the planet being one of them. 

So, if doing your best to look after the environment is important to you, TOTUM has teamed up with a whole bunch of brands to bring you a range of discounts designed to keep our impact on the Earth to a minimum.

BAM Bamboo Clothing (10% off)


TOTUM members get 10% discount when buying online at BAM.

BAM’s ethical, customer first approach means not only will you be getting super-soft eco-friendly clothing, you’ll enjoy the whole process! ‘Bamboo is to cotton, what cashmere is to wool’ - if that’s the kind of thing that gets you excited, you really need to check out BAM.

Monbento (10% off)


Get an extra 10% discount site-wide including sale items when shopping at monbento!

From their classic, specially designed bento boxes to nomad cutlery sets and eco-designed bento bags, choosing monbento means choosing healthy, home-cooked food and a beautiful product you’ll want to use over and over again!

Smol (25% off)


Guarantee a great environmentally conscious wash with smol’s super concentrated, eco-friendly, vegan laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets. And with a unique scent carefully crafted using ethically sourced essential oils, you’ll smell as good as you feel!

TOTUM members can treat themselves to a free pack of 9 eco-friendly laundry capsules with just a £1 for delivery plus 25% off the first box when they subscribe to smol.

All Earth (10% off)


Get 10% student discount when buying ethical cosmetics and skin care products online at All Earth Mineral Cosmetics.

Natural, easy to apply, ethically packaged and cruelty-free, All Earth Mineral Cosmetics beautiful range of products come in 100% biodegradable, recyclable packaging to get you looking and feeling your best without it costing - or damaging - the Earth.

Social Supermarket (10% off)


Get clothes, food and more everyday essentials while helping tackle social and environmental issues at Social Supermarket.

For the conscientious consumer, Social Supermarket is the marketplace for social enterprise products in the UK. Do your shopping while changing the world for the better!

Get 10% student discount when you shop with Social Supermarket.

Gruum (£5 off)


A grooming company with a difference, grüum’s skincare, haircare and shaving solutions are kind to you, your skin and our planet! Everything comes in handy, letterbox friendly packaging to drop through your door when you need it. Simple, honest and fair, grüum look after every bit of every body

TOTUM members get an EXCLUSIVE £5 discount when ordering online through grüum.

NOTE: This article contains affiliate links, which will earn the site a commission if the product is purchased.

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