TOTUM takes on Bear Grylls

What does it take to be Bear Grylls? We took on the ultimate adventure day at the all new Bear Grylls adventure to test our survival skills set…

The TOTUM team were lucky enough to be invited to spend the day at Merlin’s new attraction, the Bear Grylls Adventure! Created by Bear himself, the new indoor theme park based inside the NEC really is one of a kind!

All recruits start the day with the 90-minute basecamp. It’s a combination of four activities, designed to equip you with all the skills you need for your adventures. You can choose to do Basecamp alone, or top your day up with indoor skydiving, high ropes or climb some of Bears favourite mountains (replicas of course).

The Bear Grylls adventure is designed to help you conquer all your fears; from mental challenges, physical assault courses to claustrophobia, there’s something for everyone. Here’s how we got on…

Inner strength

First up, the survival maze. It’s the first activity that tests your limits, and it’s a great introduction to the Bear Grylls challenges.

You’ll have to find the willpower to overcome anything and everything that comes your way. We loved that you had to work as a team to get out of the pitch-black maze; squeezing through walls, avoiding thunder storms and even eating some of Bears favourite treats were just some of the surprises in store!

Mental strength

Next, an escape room; 7 minutes, 7 brains, crack the code and get out. Sounds easy, right?! WRONG.

Turns out, you need to do more than just put your brains together to escape! Escapee life certainly wasn’t for us, we just couldn’t crack it. We’ll deffo be heading back for another go, and we’ll be swotting up on our spy skills for sure!

TOTUM Bear Grylls Adventure content image 989x547 02

Physical strength

The final part of base camp is a speed and agility test. It’s broken into two sections; a high intensity assault course and archery.

Working in pairs to crawl under ropes, jump over walls and swing across monkey bars you go head to head to see who’s got what it takes to leap to victory! You push yourself to your limits and it’s great…even if your time isn’t! I mean, the SAS guys’ time to get through the course was 55 seconds – ours took a little bit longer at four and a half minutes!

Of course, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and the BGA team are on hand with encouragement and to help with the harder activities.

After a breather (100% needed after those army crawls!) we learnt all about archery, covering skills, tactics and equipment before having a go at firing arrows at the targets – some of us were definitely better than others!

This section was our favourite part of the day, but make sure you’re in gym clothes and suitable clothing to get the full experience. Trust me, you won’t want to take on that assault course without a bit of extra padding!

A spine tingling discovery

To top off the day we were also able to experience one of the four hero activities, snorkelling! The snorkel tank is full of over 2,000 sea creatures including black tip reef sharks and rays. No previous experience was needed for snorkelling or scuba diving so it’s a great chance to try something new!

Bear Grylls? Completed it.

So, did the TOTUM team really have what it takes to take on Bear Grylls?

We tested our limits and took on activities unlike any we’d done before! It’s a great day out, and you deffo don’t need to be an SAS recruit to take on the challenge! The team at Bear Grylls were always there to guide and help throughout the activities and there was no pressure on any of us! Honestly, just having a good time and a laugh is the most important thing!

The BGA is so easy to get to and just a 5-minute walk from Birmingham International train station. It was fab as a group, so we’d recommend attending with a few mates, in pairs or even with your family!

To top it all off, with TOTUM you can do basecamp from just £16 per person – so why don’t you see if you can test your limits with the Bear Grylls Adventure day!