Abigail MeadowDecember 12th

Christmas is a great time of year to get with the family and reminisce about the year.

But on the other hand, Christmas is an incredibly wasteful time of year. With more of us wanting to make eco-friendly and sustainable changes in our lives, it's only fair that here at TOTUM, we help you out with some fantastic ways to continue your sustainability drive into the festive season.

There are many more ways you can make your Christmas decs more sustainable and the list we've compiled for you is pretty damn good... if I do say so myself.

General Decorations

The best decorations are usually the ones you've used for years and have come to think of as an heirloom from your mum.

But why not add a bit of nature into you Christmas decs and go foraging for some stuff yourself? It's the perfect excuse to get outside in the crisp winter weather and spend some time with your friends and family too.

You can look for holly, ivy, chestnuts and pine cones and weave them together with wooden sticks (maybe you could get them from an arts and craft shop... recyclable ones of course)

But if that's not your style you can head over to Protect the Planet.

Selling decorations made from recycled and reclaimed materials, their vintage inspired, tarnished silver and traditional baubles are largely fair trade, handmade and sourced from India - and they're rather lovely too!

Christmas Crackers

There are lots of things about Christmas crackers that are wasteful. Sometimes due to plastic coatings they can't be recycled and the plastic toys you win inside... c'mon they'll always go in the bin on the 26th.

You can now get Christmas crackers that can be used year on year and you can even fill them with stuff you actually want. So don't worry, you can still fight with your siblings about who reaaaally won the prize.

Keepthiscracker create re-usable crackers that you can make at home. The description reads: "No fuss no glue, our crackers come flat-packed, just pop them into shape and fill them with your own special gifts. They go bang like standard crackers but slide open without tearing so you can reuse them too. Simply feed a fresh snap in the slots at both ends."

Easy and super fun too. It could even be a new tradition, one person in the family gets to choose the prizes each year? You're welcome.


Switch to LED! LED lights use up 80% less energy than regular lights, making them better for the environment while still look incredibly cute and Christmassey.

Outside you could invest in some solar powered ones. Garden centres accross the UK have been selling them for years. Or failing that you could even get some that work on a timer to try and reduce energy usage.

Christmas Cards

According to Imperial College researchers, 1.5 billion Christmas cards are thrown away by UK households each year.

Similarly to Christmas crackers, due to glitter or plastic coating on cards they may not be able to be fully recycled.

So, why not get your creative pants on and make your own using fully recyclable materials.

Or failing this, e-cards are getting even more popular and they cut your carbon footprint, while saving both trees AND money. What could be better?

So there you have it eco-warriors of the UK. Some sure-fire ways to stay eco-friendly inside the house this Christmas.

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