Abigail MeadowJanuary 9th

With January exams just around the corner (sorry for the reminder) it's time to get the revision notes out and STUDY!

Sometimes exams can be stressful... wait, who am I kidding ALL EXAMS ARE STRESSFUL, but it's just about learning to cope with the stress and smash the test.

We've got some revision tips to beat the exam stress and make you 100% prepared for dreaded exam season.

Some research suggests you should have 'positive triggers' such as smelling lemons and pulling your ears... they're kind of a bit odd, but whatever floats your boat and gets you that high grade.

1- Revise at a similar time to your exam

It's good to get into a habit of revising at the same times, doing small chunks of each subject at set times across the day.

This will help you both digest and remember the information better as well as helping get you used to key working times.

2- Test yourself

As much as it's major effort, constantly testing yourself is an excellent way to revise. Learning from your mistakes is the best way to remember the correct answers.

Past papers and flash cards really are your best friends.

3 - Don't work too late

Staying up too late and tiring yourself out won't do you any good in the long run and it will cause you additional stress that can be easily avoided.

Revising till 4am is not the one, I can assure you. Instaed, get yourself a good night's sleep and your body and brain will thank you for it.

4- Manage your time

Managing your time is one of the best ways to avoid being stressed about work.

Knowing you've allotted certain times for different subjects, you can rest easy knowing you've done all you can to try and achieve your best grades.

5 - Speak to somebody

Like we've said, exams can be really stressful. When you know a lot is on the line it can take its toll on you.

But if you're feeling too stressed speak to someone. Friends or family will always have your back, or failing that there will always be someone to speak to at your college or institution.

Good luck out there! Remember all you can do is your best. If you work consistently hard it will pay off!

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