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Abigail MeadowFebruary 13th

That fresh scent of spring in the air has got us here at the TOTUM office thinking about first dates and how big you should go when you're meeting up with someone for the first time.

The chances are you're both on a student budget, so a five star meal at the most expensive restaurant in town probably isn't the best idea.


So - because we're good like that - we thought we'd step in and give you some budget date ideas to test the waters with your potential new bae...

1 - Dine out with a discount voucher


Here at TOTUM we're full of great discounts. Eating out is just one of our fortes and we've got loads of discounts available, so you can take your pick!

However, if you've not got much time to sift through all our offers, our favourites are:

Up to 40% off at Ask Italian 30% off at Zizzi 25% off at Prezzo

Who doesn't like a person who's smart with their money?

2 - Pub with perks


If you're local pub is a little grubby for a first date, try and find one with pool and board games in, you know, a little more up-market but not crazy fancy that it defeats the object of being cheap.

Games are a good laugh and are a starting point for conversations, so hopefully you won't have any awkward moments... but don't quote us on that one in case it doesn't work out, okay??

TOTUM members can get 40% off main meals at O'Neill's, £30 worth of beer vouchers to use at major pub chains from CAMRA and 20% off food at Sizzling pubs, so there's no excuse is there...

3 - Bowling


'Cause who doesn't love bowling? Usually, most places have off-peak prices or student prices so you should be able to get a good deal.

If you go on a weekday it will hopefully be quieter too, some places even offer bowling for as little as £1.50 a game.

Bowling is also a super fun double date too, so pick your favourite couple and let the good times roll!

4 - Local exhibitions or museum


Local exhibitions are gagging for some visitors - so why not visit on a first date?

Loads of museums and galleries also offer free admissions or at least a small fee for student prices or young people.

And youy know, walking around an exhibition could lead to a very interesting conversation!

5 - Picnic in the park (weather permitting)


Picnics are all kinds of romantic. They're not wildly over the top either so it's the perfect blend for a first date.

With picnics you can learn what each other's favourite food and drinks are and, weather permitting, bask in a little sunshine at the same time!

And it just so happens that with TOTUM's exclusive 10% discount at Co-op, you can pick up all your picnic essentials and save yourself some cash at the same time!

6 - Romantic Stroll


And after your picnic in the park, why not take a romantic stroll to help you digest - again weather permitting.

A chilled out stroll leads to a chilled out atmosphere and is a great chance to really get to know the person you're on a date with.

If you're in a park you could always stop off for an ice cream and cup of coffee or tea along the way too.

7 - Tourist attractions in your local area


Hey, c'mon now stop that eye-roll right there. We know you're not a tourist but sometimes you might overlook the attractions in your area as you're kinda desensitised to it.

It might sound like a weird one but it can be quite cool to pretend to be a tourist in your area.

It's also worth bearing in mind that some places again offer student prices or even discounted prices for locals.

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to google local attractions in your area so give it a go.

TOTUM members get some great discounts including up to 21% off the London Pass, and up to an incerdible 69% off at LEGOLAND!

8 - Cinema


Because who doesn't love watching the latest releases?

This one might divide the nation on whether it's a good first date idea, but if you're not much of a talker this could be right up your street.

Plus there's another conversation starter for after the movie, you gotta think ahead!

Sometimes picking up tickets in advance might knock a couple of quid off but if not there is loads of tricks to getting cheaper tickets including getting 25% off the student ticket price at ODEON Cinemas for TOTUM members - you're welcome!

9 - Night in with friends


This could be one of my favourite ideas.

If you've got a good group of friends, they'll bring out the best in you, so having a night in with friends could be you putting your best foot forward.

University is a time to be social so why not get a group together and cook up a storm in the kitchen (or get some snacks and wine) to really impress that special someone.

This could make you both feel a little more comfortable and at least there will be other people there to keep the conversation flowing - and with TOTUM offering some great discounts on Simply Cook and Hello Fresh, we'll help you create a stunning meal that's sure to knock your date's socks off!

10 - Theatre Trip


It's pretty likely that your uni or college has a drama department so why not check out what they're showing? If you're a student there you'll be able to get cheap tickets!

Failling a school show, most towns and cities will have smaller theatres that are often home to great amateur performances.

Tickets could cost around £7-£15 and you could stumble accross some absolute gems!

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