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Abigail MeadowMarch 16th

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now and with it being so handy that they're delivered striaght to your door, no fuss, you'd be a fool - nay, a damn fool - to miss out.

Whether it's beauty, food or accessories, you name it, TOTUM's got just the subscription box for you!

Now, of course, we wouldn't be the TOTUM you all love without offering you some deals now would we? So here are our favourite discounted subscription services you can get your mitts on with your TOTUM card.





uOpen is really the key to any subscription box. It's got tonnes of different types to choose from, you're practically spoilt for choice!

Books, beauty, gaming, food, flowers and even mystery boxes, uOpen is the one your other half told you not to worry about.

You can even send them as gifts to the people you love, did somebody say Mother's day??

And the even better news? TOTUM members get an awesome 15% discount on any box when shopping online with uOpen! From food to fashion and crafts to gaming, you’ll find the ideal gift or monthly box for you.

Ideal as a gift - but even better to enjoy yourself - indulge your passions with a uOpen subscription.


GlossyBox is a beauty guru's dream. Each month you'll receive five new beauty products to try. From makeup, skincare, haircare from some of the best brands out there. Many are even full sized products!

You can buy a yearly subscription for just £8.50 per box or a monthly one which costs a little bit more at £10 a box.

There's also an online community where you can talk with other GlossyBox subscription holders about the products received and how best to use them.

There are currently not one but TWO offers we can give you with your TOTUM card... I know, dreamy isn't it.

If you're wanting this box all to yourself, TOTUM members save 30% off their first box when you subscribe to GlossyBox’s 1 month subscription, or 3/6/12 month upfront subscriptions.

Or if you're wanting to be a kind soul and give GlossyBox as a gorgeous gift you can also receive 20% student discount for a limited time only on all gift subscription boxes, but you better act fast as this offer ends on March 23rd 2020!


Smol emoji


We've said it time and time again and I hope by March it's finally sinking in, 2020 is the year of growth and learning how to be sustainable, but did you know not all dishwasher and laundry detergents are eco-friendly?

The ingredients can be damaging to the environment and even the packaging can be non-recyclable plastic.

Well Smol are here to try and make a difference with their subscription service to get laundry detergent and diswasher safe capsules.

Their 24 capsule pack costs just £3.85 and if this is too much or too little you can tell them how often you put a wash on and they will regularly deliver exactly what you need!

What is more, with your TOTUM card you get an EXCLUSIVE 25% student discount on smol eco-friendly laundry capsules.

TOTUM members can treat themselves to a free pack of 9 eco-friendly laundry capsules with just a £1 for delivery plus 25% off the first box when they subscribe to smol.

You'll guarantee a great environmentally conscious wash with smol’s super concentrated, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets.

And with a unique scent carefully crafted using ethically sourced essential oils, you’ll smell as good as you feel!




Nothing is better that that mid afternoon snacky-snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Well graze can provide you with just that.

Graze has loads of tasty creations (a personal fave of mine is the cocoa vanilla flapjacks...NOM!) and they're delivered straight to your door.

The snacks you'll receive may feel naughty, but they aim to be as nice and nutritious as possible.

Graze say: "We're on a never-ending hunt for healthier, juicier, crunchier, tastier, fresher, bigger, better! Which basically means we're always refreshing, rethinking and reinventing, so you can upgrade the way you snack!" Sounds good to me!

One of the best features of graze is that you can tell them exactly what you like and they'll tailor your box to suit your tastebuds.

TOTUM members can treat themselves to an awesome 20% discount on their first three boxes and get their first box free when signing up for a graze subscription. Snacking healthy never tasted so good - graze will let you design your very own personalised snack subscription box delivered straight to your door. Choose from twice weekly, weekly or fortnightly deliveries to suit you, and keep stocked up on your favourite graze snacks.

So what are you waiting for?

My Geek Box

Now this is one for all the geeks out there. If you're a fan of collectibles, accessories, gifts and homeware inspired by your favourite TV shows, films & games... then look no further my friend.

MyGeekBox mystery subscritpion box is the the ultimate monthly mystery box!

Hand-picked by geeks, for geeks, each month you can expect a limited edition t-shirt and 4-7 geeky collectables.

Coming soon in April is an exclusive Rick & Morty box. A quarterly subscription gets up to 7 items and 3 exclusive items guaranteed delivered to your own home! All you need to do is subscribe!

TOTUM members get 10% discount when purchasing online at My Geek Box.

The My Geek Box monthly subscription service will serve you up a specially curated box packed full of treats every single month. Featuring all your favourite fandoms from Disney and Marvel to Game of Thrones and even NASA, unleash your inner geek with My Geek Box.

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