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Charlotte FieldsMarch 29th

We may be stuck inside but, believe it or not birthdays are still happening in households up and down the country.

The day might not go the way you had originally planned, but there are definitely some ways you can make sure it's a super fun filled day in spite of the circumstances...

Whether you're treating yourself or someone else, gifting in isolation could make someone's week!



If you're wanting to make somebody smile, send them a bunch of flowers! Nothing says Happy Birthday better than a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

TOTUM members can recieve 20% off bouquets when ordering online from Blossoming Gifts.

Take your pick from Blossoming Gifts’ incredible selection of handmade bouquets including Rainbow Roses, Scented Lavender, Daffodils, Bright Blooms and loads more.




You can't give a present without a card, but you'd better make it a gooden!

At Scribbler, they have a fantastic selection of cards and novelty gifts to send to a friend or a loved one.

It's also worth noting that your TOTUM card can access you 10% off cards and gifts. Ya welcome.


GB gifts


Because who doesn't love chocolate?

Well this one, ladies and gents is an absolute game changer. GBgifts brings you an incredible selection of limited edition, unusual snacks from all over the world, treat yourself or a friend to incredible chocolate bars that you just can’t seem to get your hands on anywhere else.

TOTUM members can get 12% off sitewide.

Fashion & Accessories

Nasty Gal


Gifting somebody clothes can be a little difficult. But with such fantastic brands to choose from on TOTUM, it would almost be rude not to...

With NastyGal and TOTUM, you can get 50% off e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Yep, thats right, everything. From clothes to shoes to accessories to swimwear (trying to stay hopeful here), NastyGal's do it better.




Providing you or your friend is over 18, you can't go wrong with a little tipple now can you?

At Beer52, members can treat themselves to a themed case of craft beers from some of the best breweries on the planet. Delivered direct to your door every single month and hand selected by their team of experts, enjoy exclusive access to hundreds of small-batch beers from all over the world.

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