Trial Date Set To Decide If Birmingham 'LGBT Protest' Ban Is Legal

Ben HaywardJune 9th

A trial date has now been set to determine whether protests can legally be held outside a Birmingham primary school.

Parents had been gathering at Anderton Park Primary School after raising concerns about the school’s 'No Outsiders' equality curriculum and complaining that children were ‘too young’ to learn about LGBT relationships.

A temporary injunction has been implemented in order to prevent protests from taking place directly outside the school, with a trial now scheduled to take place between July 22nd and 31st to determine whether the injunction will remain in place.


The protests have been taking place for weeks, with parents saying they are concerned the lessons are not 'age appropriate' and they contradict Islam.

In spite of the High Court injunction being in place since May 31st, Anderton Park was forced to close early before half-term due to escalating action, with protests continuing on an area of land about 100 metres from the school.

During the preliminary hearing, lawyers for Birmingham City Council told the court that the aim of the injunction was not to prevent people expressing their views but to protect pupils, parents and staff from ‘unacceptable behaviour’.

The courts also heard that a police investigation remains active regarding an incident in which people who tied ribbons to the gates in support of the school and members of the LGBTQ+ community had eggs thrown at them.


However, John Randall QC, representing the protesters, said there had been no arrests. The protests, he said, had been peaceful and it would require a ‘snowflake sensitivity’ to regard them as terrifying or threatening demonstrations.

Campaign group the Accord Coalition have been critical of the protests. The charity’s chair, Reverend Stephen Terry, described the news as ‘extremely worrying’ saying it was hard not to see the protests as ‘homophobic and intolerant’.

Rev Terry said: “Parents are entitled to their views on sexuality and morality, and to set these beliefs before their children.”

“A school’s task is to set out different views and approaches in society, with an overall duty to tackle prejudice and foster good relations between people of different characteristics. Teachers should be actively supported in this regard, not undermined.”

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