UK To Host Man V Food Festival

Ben SmithJune 20th

Ilfracombe Rugby Club in Devon is hosting a Man V Food Festival on Saturday, July 20th.

The festival promises to be a fun-packed family day with live music, food stalls, bouncy castles, cider bars and a car boot sale!

Participants are in for a treat with some amazing food challenges expected, including The cracker Challenge, No handed spaghetti and The Skittles.

man v food

The main event, which commence at 1 pm, is for teams of seven, so now is a good time to get your dream team together and start preparing for the occasion!

Need some inspiration?

Although it's unlikely that he'll make an appearance in the Devon Festival, Adam Richman once attempted a Guinness World Record with a group of forty BIG eaters, digging into a 190 pound burger in just two hours. Unfortunately, food won the war in the end with about 30 pounds of the burger left uneaten.

It's the effort that counts!

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