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Youssef El-maneaJanuary 11th

Get Your Merch! Get Your Merch!

If you’ve been on the internet long enough to remember ‘Hide The Pain Harold’, you’re going to appreciate this!

Arató, also known as Harold, accidently turned into a stock photo model after a stock-photo agent noticed his ‘unusual’ selfies online and sold them to a website. Within days of publishing the photos online, they went viral, especially in America and Russia. People found his “depressed-looking smile” entertaining, and he immediately turned into a global meme sensation.

Today, Harold, who also happens to be a successful lighting technician, stands as one of the most famous Hungarian faces on the internet and is regularly invited to take part in events across world, as well as commercials and even music videos!

Based on popular demand, RedBubble finally released a special ‘Hide The Pain Harold’ merchandise range!

From coffee mugs and phone cases to pullover hoodies and classic t-shirts, you’re bound to find something to keep you smiling through the pain!

Here’s a link to Harold’s merchandise range:

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