YouTuber Ibz Mo Graduates from University of Cambridge

Ben Smith July 7th

A young man who rose to fame by vlogging about his experiences as an ethnic minority student at Cambridge University has graduated.

Ibrahim Mohammed, 23, known as Ibz Mo on his YouTube channel that has a solid 110,000 subscribers, described his joy in an emotional Instagram post captioned:

“This moment meant EVERYTHING to me. I am officially a GRADUATE of the University of Cambridge!!! We broke barriers, we beat expectations and we INSPIRED and motivated a whole generation along the way. I am so proud of myself and all my friends who have graduated and I am so so so thankful for EVERYONE who has supported me surviving and CHANGING one of the best Universities in the world!”

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During his three years at Cambridge, Ibrahim sought to change the perception people had of a typical student at the prestigious university. He said: "I was brought up in a single-mother family, on free school meals, a poor stereotypical view of people who don't go to Cambridge."

Speaking to the BBC about his journey, Ibrahim admitted that he felt isolated at first, but things got better with time and his overall experience was a positive one.

Although his college had urged him to 'focus more on essays than videos', the central university supported his talent for storytelling and even collaborated with him on projects aimed at sharing the experiences of students from minority and disadvantaged groups.

"I think the reason they do so well is because it's the voices of people who aren't really heard," he said.

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Praising Ibrahim’s achievement, a spokesman from the university sad: "Ibz is a great example of a student who can find their place at Cambridge and thrive here, no matter what their background."

Ibrahim ended up graduating with a BA in psychological and behavioural sciences, and believes the attitudes of both Cambridge students and the university administration towards minority students have 'completely changed' from what they were when he first began his academic journey at the institution.

So, what next for Ibz, well he's now hoping to become a human rights lawyer and to build a school in Pakistan.

We wish him the best of luck with both those endeavours - congratulations Ibz!

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