Trainline | TOTUM Student Discount | 33% OFF ALL RAILCARDS


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Get 33% student discount on all railcards from Trainline. Whether you’re a regular traveller with family, partners or friends, or you fit into a specific age group or region, Trainline have got a Railcard for you. Store your tickets in the Trainline app for quick and easy access and before you know it it will have paid for itself!
To use the discount code, you must have, or create a Trainline account. Please note, discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other Trainline offer and can only be used to purchase one UK Railcard. Train tickets for travel with UK and non-UK train carriers and UK and non-UK coach companies are excluded. Digital Railcards require an updated version of the Trainline app (on iOS 13.4 and above or Lollipop on Android). This Discount Code Offer is subject to availability and will end on the earlier of (i) 400,000 Railcards being sold under this Discount Code Offer; or (ii) 31 August 2022. We reserve the right to refuse the issue of any Discount Code Offer at any time and to vary any and all elements of each offer at any time without notice. To see the full conditions and restrictions that apply to this Discount Code Offer, take a look at our Terms and Conditions.