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Healthy Breakfasts For Hectic Mornings

As exam season and the first lot of deadlines loom, the TOTUM team have devised a list of feel-good, simple recipes that will help make the winter mornings a little tastier, and easier to manage!

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K-pop - A beginner’s guide

Understanding K-pop may seem a bit like exploring a new planet at first, but we are here to help. Who knows? You might just find yourself becoming a fan…

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Tech savings with TOTUM

So, almost everyone you know has a smartphone, step counter, laptop and tonnes of other top tech. But how do you choose, do you really need them, and are any of them good value?

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How to: Ease Results Day stress

If you’re relying on your A-level results for a place at uni, an apprenticeship or a job, you’ve probably been counting down to this day for weeks

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Transform A-level essays to awesome uni assignments | TOTUM Hacks

Worried writing your first university assignment? Or not getting the grades you want for your hard work? The TOTUM team are here to help!

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Habit tracking | TOTUM hacks

According to rumours, students live on a diet of instant noodles, spend all day in bed and all night at bars. This may be a slight exaggeration, but, we probably don’t have the healthiest habits - here’s my guide to get out of that post-freshers’ slump...

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