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Eric BlairJanuary 23rd

Over 10,000 people have signed a petition demanding ITV to not cancel Jeremy Clarkson.

In case you missed it, the news comes after the presenter was widely condemned for a column he penned in which he described how he hated Meghan Markle on a 'cellular level’.

The most controversial statement came as Clarkson wrote that he 'dreams of the day' she is 'made to parade naked through the streets' of Britain as people 'throw lumps of excrement at her'.


The column was quickly removed but Clarkson's comments had already circulated online, with thousands criticising his violent misogyny, including his own daughter, who criticised his hate-fuelled tirade.

The presenter did eventually apologise for his comments, posting a lengthy statement to Instagram in which he spoke of being 'profoundly sorry' for the comments, pleading forgiveness and saying that he'd personally emailed the Sussexes to apologise.

Despite the post, Amazon Prime has confirmed that once the presenter's contracts and commissioned seasons of his shows are out, his time with the streaming service will come to an end.

The second season of Clarkson's Farm will still air as planned on February 10th and will be followed by a third season, and more of The Grand Tour will air too. 

Clarkson fans have been fighting his cancellation with more cancellation, with many taking to social media to say they’ve been dropping their Prime subscriptions - meaning they won’t be able to watch the coming content… 

One person said: "So Amazon has dropped Jeremy Clarkson. Well, I've just cancelled my Amazon Prime account.” A second added: "That's my Amazon Prime cancelled #IStandWithJeremyClarkson.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “I see Amazon have suspended Jeremy Clarkson over his comments on Meghan Markle. I actually don't have a strong opinion on that, nor am I a huge fan of Jeremy Clarkson. I do however, care about free speech. I have cancelled my Prime membership after 3 years.”

And now over 10,000 fans have taken to a Change.org petition over fears ITV will follow suit by dropping the 62-year-old as host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


Addressing the network's CEO Dame Carolyn McCall, the petition states: "While Mr Clarkson’s remarks were considered offensive by some and provoked a record number of complaints to the press regulator, the negative reaction has been completely disproportionate.

“For instance, the BBC presenter Chris Packham said he thought he should be sent to jail and the Sun closed down, while 60+ MPs wrote to you urging you to permanently ban Mr Clarkson from ever appearing on ITV again.”

The campaign went on to highlight times other celebrities have used 'similarly intemperate language', including when Jo Brand joked about throwing battery acid at Nigel Farage on the Radio 4 programme Heresy.

“We accept these statements were not intended to be taken literally and the people in question were just using hyperbole for comedic effect,” it continued. “But isn’t that equally true of Jeremy Clarkson’s column in the Sun?”

If Clarkson were to be removed from the ITV show, the creators of the petition said it would be 'an example of cancel culture at its worst'.

So far the appeal has received 10,860 signatures, meaning it's not far off from its 15,000 goal.

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