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Living on a budget while you're at university ain't no joke. Some cities are definitely more expensive than others, so if you're wondering where you should go to get value for money, Liberty Living have found the best budget cities to live in as a student.

When you're adjusting to university life, keeping track of your money is vital, so Liberty Living thought they'd help you out.

They analysed the number of charity shops and budget supermarkets nearest to universities as well as things like the cost of an annual university gym membership, the cost of a burger and a pint in a student pub (because literally, what else do students do?) and the cost of two cinema tickets, to give an overall score and ranking.


The top 10 budget cities for students are:

1. Edinburgh 2. Coventry 3. Manchester 4. Glasgow 5. Sheffield 6. Liverpool 7. Leeds 8. Newcastle 9. Birmingham 10. Wolverhampton

Edinburgh took the number one spot as it had the most charity shops, with 20 near the university, and the joint highest number of budget supermarkets with 13 in the vicinity - as well as a reasonable £7.75 for a burger and a pint and annual gym membership for £120.

Alison Callender, Head of Sales from Liberty Living commented on the results: "Balancing the books is a vital part of student living, so we thought it was important to look at which city was offering the best value for a budget student lifetyle.


"We know from our Edinburgh residents what a great city it is to live and learn in, but people may be surprised at just how many options there are for budget city living.

"As well as the stunning architecture, rich history and thriving culture, you can really get a good deal on the essentials!"

Just missing out on the top spot, Coventry is actually the furthest south in the top 10. Boasting great charity shops perfect for vintage fashion and vinyl crate digging, Coventry is also the most central city in England, making it super handy for travel links too.


Next up is Manchester. With solid scores all round - although with fewer charity shops than in first and second place - Manchester performs strongly on budget supermarkets and is of course home to plenty of reasonably priced bars, cafes and restaurants.

At number four, Glasgow makes it two for Scotland's major cities while Sheffield and Leeds are representing for Yorkshire, taking fifth and seventh spots respectively, sandwiching Liverpool at number six.

Continuing the northern theme we have Newcastke at eight while our top 10 is rounded off with a Midlands feel by Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Who said it was grim up north?


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