Ben HaywardMay 28th

As we gear up for what is looking like an absolutely glorious weekend of sunshine (enjoy responsibly please) it’s worth remembering that for many people there’s another gauge they’ve got their eye on…

Yes, for the thousands of hay fever sufferers out there, high temperatures come hand-in-hand with another high - the dreaded red on the pollen count! 

And this weekend - I’m sorry to tell you - isn’t looking any different, with the Met Office forecasting high levels for pollen over the next few days, sorry.

For those who do suffer from hay fever you can guarantee numerous remedies have been tried out - from nasal sprays to eating ‘last year’s local honey’ by the spoonful, we’ll give anything a go! 

However, a growing number of people are now swearing by something else, which apparently eradicates all the symptoms associated with hay fever - runny nose, itchy eyes, dry throat - for just £1!

Well, 99p to be precise… 

Budget store Savers are selling the ‘hay fever wipes’, which are made by Nuage. You can even buy them online, so no queueing at the shops instead of enjoying the nice weather.

The description reads: "Hay fever Relief Wipes removes and traps pollen other irritants while remaining on your face and hands to trap further pollen and irritants that are in the air for long term protection."

And it seems like they’re living up to the hype, with many sufferers piling praise on the product. One person wrote: "Most of my family have really bad hay fever and it works like magic! The wipes have a really nice smell that somehow gets rid of hay fever! Strongly recommend.”

Another added: "Bought these for my daughter when horse riding as she tends to get itchy eyes.. perfect."

A third said: "These are a life saver for my little girl! She struggles so bad and these have made such a difference to her!”

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According to AllergyUK, 10-30% of all adults - and up to 40% of children in the UK are affected by hay fever, with some of the most common symptoms (on top of all your tissue issues) including 'decreased cognitive function' and 'daytime fatigue’.

If you’re struggling with hay fever at night, keeping windows shut (especially in the mornings and evenings) should help and also showering and washing your hair as soon as you get home will help as pollen gets carried in on your hair and clothes.

If all that fails you could try eating a curry

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