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Eric BlairFebruary 4th

It turns out that harmless looking ornamental bamboo in your garden may actually be a disaster waiting to happen, after one plant caused over £100,000 worth of damage to a house.  

Homeowners are being warned about the dangers of the plant as it’s actually an invasive species that can grow through pretty much anything from cavity walls to bricks, drains and even floors. 

The case in question saw one unlucky homeowner with over £100,000 a damage after the plant crept into a neighbouring property, wreaking  havoc and even forcing the owners to move out.


The owner of the property in Hampshire had used bamboo to create a border between theirs and their neighbour’s gardens, however it travelled across the boundary and under the concrete base of the neighbour’s four-bedroom house before bursting through the floor.

But that wasn’t all - it even grew through the cavity walls of the house, which could have resulted in the walls being forced apart and compromising the structure of the house if left untreated.

Invasive plant experts Environet UK were called in to deal with the issue and ended up having to dig up the floor of the property in order to remove hundreds of metres of the plant. 


The insurance claim for the damage topped £100,000 - and as a result Environet UK has now issued a warning to homeowners who may be thinking of planting their own bamboo. 

Speaking to the Express, founder and MD of Environet UK, Nic Seal, said this is the worst case of bamboo encroachment and damage to property he has ever seen in the UK.  

Mr Seal said: "Through no fault of their own, the homeowners have suffered significant financial cost, stress and inconvenience, being required to vacate their home for several months.

"The truth is, most bamboos are invasive if planted directly into the ground and left to their own devices.


"It’s unfortunate that bamboo is still sold at garden centres and plant nurseries around the country with little warning about the risks."

Mr Seal added that anyone who is thinking of planting bamboo in the ground to reconsider and that if you’ve already got some growing in your garden to make sure that it is properly and safely contained.

He said: "I would urge anyone considering planting bamboo to think twice, and if you already have it growing in your garden, take action now to ensure it’s properly contained."

For more tips on how to manage and control bamboo plants, you can visit the RHS website here. 

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