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Ben HaywardFebruary 10th

Netflix has announced another change in its account sharing policy after users complained about being ‘baffled’ by the logistics of the the updates. 

Aimed at preventing users from sharing their password with anyone outside of their household, the streaming platform's decision to introduce the update was unveiled after it previously revealed that more than 100 million subscribers currently share passwords - a practice which it says ‘undermines its long term ability to 'invest in and improve' its tv show offering.

After the company vowed to crack down on the issue globally - news which went down poorly with users who threatened to cancel subscriptions in their droves - the rollout of the new roles got off to a somewhat chaotic start. 

After initial plans which required users to log in on their home WiFi once a month or risk their account being blocked were met with fierce backlash, the streaming giant has now backtracked, claiming that the new rules were shared in error.


However, the streamer is now pressing ahead with the rollout of their password sharing rules and has tried to clarify exactly how it will all work.

Its official website has released a statement titled: "An Update on Sharing.”

The director of product innovation, Chengyi Long, began by saying that the company had 'always made it easy' for those in one household to share a Netflix account together with different profiles.

However, the statement admitted that they have also 'created confusion' about when and how subscribers can share accounts.

Noting that over '100 million households' share Netflix accounts, Long added that this extent of password sharing impacts the company's 'ability to invest' in great TV and films.


Due to this, new rules have started to be rolled out as of February 8th in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain - with the measures likely to be rolled out to the UK later.

Emphasising giving members 'greater control' over their accounts, Netflix has listed five ways its users can manage peoples' access to their account.

1. Set primary location

The streaming platform has said they will help members set up this feature.

The idea is that setting the account's primary location will ensure that anyone living within that household can freely use the subscription - whereas those elsewhere can’t. 

2. Manage account access and devices

As a means of giving members 'additional control', this function allows account holders to manage recent devices that have streamed from their account.

With just one click, members can choose to log out specific devices that they may not want to hold their account information anymore - see you later exes! 


3. Transfer profile

Meaning you won’t lose personalised recommendations, saved programmes and will be able to pick up where you've left off in a series, Netflix now has a feature that allows users to completely transfer a user profile to a brand-new, paid-for account.

All about keeping a 'constant' in 'times of change', this will hopefully make password sharers more inclined to get their own account if all their information can be easily moved over.

4. Watch while you travel

Many users have voiced concerns about how subscribers will use their Netflix account abroad - as a result, the streaming platform has assured members they will still be able to 'easily watch' TV and films on their personal devices or by logging into a new TV at a hotel or holiday rental.


5. Buy an extra member

Lastly, members on a Standard or Premium plan from countries including Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain will be able to add an extra member 'sub account' for up to two people that don't live in their household.

Each extra member will be able to have their own password, profile with all the customised recommendations and features that any regular account would have.

This extra member costs CA $7.99 a month per person in Canada, NZ $7.99 in New Zealand, €3.99 in Portugal, and €5.99 in Spain.

It seems like similar rules will be hitting the UK soon, although Netflix is yet to provide a timeline.

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