Abigail MeadowOctober 20th

Milk alternatives are becoming more and more popular with the spike in veganism, and brands are stepping up their game with a whole host of new dairy-free treats... Oatly, which are already loved for their tasty oat-based alternative to milk has now released three flavours of ice cream including a Chocolate Fudge flavour!

The Swedish brand has created super indulgent flavours that are made from a dairy-free oat milk recipe, which will come as good news for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant. The other flavours are Salted Caramel and Hazlenut Swirl. Tbh I'd buy them all.


Oatly's ice creams are everything you want in a dessert - creamy (without the cream... obvs), indulgent and oh-so-moreish, priced at a resonable £4.50. Perfect for those vegan family members at Christmas!

With a salty caramel ripple running through the smoothest vanilla ice cream, Salted Caramel is the perfect blend of sweet-and-salted flavours. "There's something slightly magical about the flavour and texture and creaminess of this ice cream," say Oatly.

Chocolate fudge, meanwhile, is stuffed with divine fudge bites, while Hazelnut Swirl is dotted with sweet candied hazelnuts.


"No ice cream is better," say Oatly. Confidence is key and we like it.

The announcement follows the recent launch of Ben & Jerry’s vegan version of Cookie Dough, Fudge Brownie and Peanut Butter and Cookies ice-cream, which is available to buy at most major supermarkets.

If you can't wait to try these, they're released on October 28th, so put it in your calendar!


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