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Eric BlairAugust 31st

It actually feels like it’s been a while since we brought you any Biscoff news, but don’t worry - we’re back…

If you’ve had your fill of Biscoff Cheesecake, Fudge, Mousse, Lasagne and more, how about turning your hand to a rather delicious-sounding Biscoff Battenburg Cake?

A modern twist on that classic staple of your nan’s cupboard, Biscoff Battenburg is the creation of Beth, who runs Insta' page and blog Vecreation, for the vegan foodies over at @Vegan_Food_UK.


With Biscoff and vanilla sponges, Biscoff fondant, and even Biscoff spread used to sandwich together the layers, it really is a Biscoff lover’s dream.  

Speaking to Tyla, Beth said: “[I love] combining the nostalgia of the past with the excitement of the now - and right now that excitement is very much Biscoff!

"Biscoff happens to be vegan too which means everyone can enjoy it, just like the Biscoff Battenberg!”

If you do fancy having a go yourself, there’s a fair bit to get through, but it absolutely seems like it’ll be worth the effort! 


Biscoff Sponge:

  • 150g plain flour

  • 70g Light brown soft sugar

  • 1/2 tsp Ground cinnamon

  • 60g Biscoff spread

  • 1 tsp Baking powder

  • 130g Oatly barista milk

  • 80g Biscoff spread

  • 2 tsp Sunflower oil

Vanilla Sponge:

  • 150g Plain flour

  • 70g Caster sugar

  • 60g Naturli vegan block (or butter)

  • 1 1/4 tsp Baking powder

  • 105g Oatly barista milk

  • 1 tbsp Dr Oetker Madagascan vanilla extract

  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice

Biscoff Fondant:

  • 220g Icing sugar

  • Pinch of ground cinnamon

  • 80g Biscoff spread

  • 60g Liquid glucose/ glucose syrup

  • 1 tbsp Water

  • 5 heaped tbsp of Biscoff spread for filling

For full instructions on how to recreate Beth’s Biscoff Battenburg, check out the step by step instructions here.

If just regular old Lotus Biscoff biscuits are more your thing, you can now make every brew feel like you’re in your favourite coffee shop with this Biscoff dispenser for your home!


Priced at an absolute bargain price of just £12.49 on Amazon, the Lotus Biscoff Dispenser Box contains a tooth-tingling 150 of your favourite little caramel-flavoured biscuits - all individually packed, which admittedly is not great for the environment, but is great for imagining you’re sitting in a cafe.

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