Youssef El-maneaJuly 8th

MacRebur – a company that has developed plastics to create more durable, longer-lasting roads – has helped Springfield Properties become the UK’s first housebuilder to build an entire road from 20 tonnes of recycled plastic – equivalent to 6,000 plastic bottles.

The road, built at the Linkwood Steadings housing development in Elgin, Scotland, consists of small pellets laid as a road surface, and appears to be just like a traditional one; better yet, developers claim that it's actually more durable thanks to the flexible properties of plastic.

By building these types of roads, Springfield Properties boss, Innes Smith, hopes to help tackle Scotland’s 'plastic waste epidemic.'. According to the property company, for every tonne of bitumen replaced, the road surfacing carbon footprint was reduced by one tonne.


Mr Smith explained the greener road project was just one out of several green policies introduced by the company. He said: "Now we have our first recycled plastic road in place, which gives our customers a more durable road and helps with the current plastic waste epidemic.

"We already have our second stretch of private road planned and going forward, we will be discussing recycled plastic roads with local authorities with a goal to using plastic roads on all of our developments across Scotland."

While Sarah Lakin, Contracts Manager for MacRebur added: “We hope this pioneering project will inspire other developers in Scotland to follow Springfield’s lead as our product is available across the country as well as the UK and abroad.”


Zero Waste Scotland – a public body on a mission to influence and enable change in the form of finance, business support, technical advice and training – has contributed to annual savings of 990,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. The organisation previously warned that over 64,000 tonnes of plastic food packaging and bottles, with an estimated worth of £11m, are binned every year in Scotland.

The Scottish government recently announced its plans to introduce a deposit return scheme for plastic drinking containers, glass and cans.

Come on England, let's take a leaf out of Scotland's book!

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