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If you're a gym bunny staying inside ain't the one for you.

We're not sure how long we're going to be stuck inside, but hopefully your late summer plans to Ibiza with the crew will still be happening.


Until then, here are some great workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home to keep up those #gainz.

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Anyway, happy exercising!



The most obvious benefit of squats is building your leg muscles. But they also create what is called an 'anabolic environment' in your body, which promotes body-wide muscle building. Science.

Tricep Dips


For this exercise all you need is a low bench. You could even use a wooden chair.

Tricep dip exercise is a great bodyweight exercise that builds arm and shoulder strength.

Try doing three sets of 10 reps, you'll be able to feel the burn for this one!



Yoga poses are a form of flexibility training and involves some strength training too.

You can set up almost anywhere and all you need is either a YouTube video and some patience.

Yoga is known for being fantastic for all fitness levels and it's been proven to be particularly helpful in lowering blood pressure. So if you're feeling stressed cooped in all day, this can help.

An hour of yoga a day keeps the doctor away. That's how the rhyme goes, right?



To reap the most rewards, holding three planks for up to 60 seconds each is ideal.

The plank is great for gaining a better posture and is an all round good core work out. Working out your core can improve stability, reduce injury, and maintain mobility.

Step Ups


All you need is a solid surface that is slightly higher than the ground.

On each leg you can step up 10 times and do three sets and hey presto a solid cardio and leg work out.

Push ups


Push ups are another hidden beauty that not only strengthen your upper body, but in the long run they can help strengthen your lower back and are good for your posture.

If you're finding them a little difficult in the plank position, you can try them on your knees too.

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