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Eric BlairMay 20th

It seems like every week at the moment that someone is coming up with a new way of incorporating Lotus Biscoff into heir baking - and this week is no different!

We’ve brought you Biscoff fudge and Biscoff truffles, we’ve even brought you Biscoff cheesecake - but this could be the winner - Biscoff lasagne.

Don’t worry - there’s no pasta involved - it’s more of a sort of nod to the aesthetics rather than the ingredients of a classic lasagne, thankfully.


Really it’s like a kind of tiramisu, but comprising layers of Lotus Biscoff biscuits, whipped cream, Biscoff spread and vanilla rather than coffee and lady finger biscuits. 

The recipe was concocted by Sydney-based foodie Walla Abu-Eid, 30, but, due to its allure, has now been copied by people all over the world.

Speaking to Tyla, Walla said: "Last year I put together a dessert called the Nutella lasagne which was so delicious. With my recent obsession with Biscoff, I had to make a variation and the Biscoff lasagne was born!

"I made it for the first time on Instagram live where so many people made it along with me, and it has been an absolute hit since then!

"It is the perfect refreshing dessert layered with Biscoff deliciousness!"

If you fancy giving it a go yourself you can follow along with the video (above) or check out the written version here:


  • 3-4 packets Biscoff biscuits (depends on tray size)

  • 600ml thickened cream

  • Dash of vanilla

  • 1 tbsp sugar

  • Half a jar Biscoff spread


  1. Place cream, sugar and vanilla in a bowl and whip till soft peaks form.

  2. Melt Biscoff spread in the microwave until saucy, layer biscuits at the base of tray.

  3. Place a layer of cream over the biscuits, then drizzle Biscoff spread on top.

  4. Repeat steps until you achieve the amount of layers you desire with the final layer being cream.

  5. Place some Biscoff spread in a piping bag and pipe lines on top of cream.

  6. Use a skewer to create a pattern (pushing those lines up then down).

  7. Refrigerate for 6 hours or overnight, and enjoy!!

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