The 'Worst Cold Ever' Is Sweeping Across The UK | TOTUM
Ben Hayward October 10th

People across the UK are suffering with what many are describing as the ‘worst cold ever’, with some saying the illness has ‘floored them for weeks’. 

The illness, which has been described by one sufferer as the 'the worst lurgy ever' - is currently sniffling its way around the country with the South West, North West, London and the Midlands seeming to be the worst affected areas.

According to medical professionals, the severity of the bug is likely down to there fact that our immune systems have had little exposure to cold viruses over the last 18 months or so thanks to the Covid-19 restrictions that have been in place. As a result, this one is hitting us hard!  


The news comes as England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, has warned that influenza is a ‘significant public health concern’ this winter, due to natural immunity waining. 

Professor Van-Tam said: "Not many people got flu last year because of Covid-19 restrictions, so there isn’t as much natural immunity in our communities as usual.

“We will see flu circulate this winter; it might be higher than usual and that makes it a significant public health concern. Covid-19 will still be circulating and with more people mixing indoors, sadly some increases are possible.

“For the first time we will have Covid-19 and flu co-circulating. We need to take this seriously and defend ourselves and the NHS by getting the annual flu jab and the Covid-19 booster when called.


“Both these viruses are serious: they can both spread easily, cause hospitalisation and they can both be fatal. It is really important that people get their vaccines as soon as they can.”

Dr Jenny Harries, the UK Health Security Agency chief executive, echoed Professor Van-Tam’s warning.

Speaking to Sky’s Trevor Phillips, she said: “We should be worried about flu each winter. But I think the important thing about this winter is, we are likely to see flu, for the first time in any real numbers, co-circulating with Covid.

“So the risks of catching both together still remain. And if you do that, then early evidence suggests that you are twice as likely to die from having two together, than just having Covid alone.


“So I think it’s an uncertain winter ahead – that’s not a prediction it’s an uncertain feature – but we do know that flu cases have been lower in the previous year so immunity and the strain types are a little more uncertain.”

You can either book your free NHS flu vaccine via pharmacies or wait to be contacted by your GP surgery. 

Those eligible for a coronavirus booster jab are being told to wait until they are contacted - health and social care workers can book online via the NHS website.

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