Abigail MeadowOctober 17th

If you have a partner or housemate that snores until the cows come home, you'll understand the pain of not getting a good nights sleep due to the booming sound emitting from their face hole...

According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, snoring is extremely common, with approximately 15 million regular snorers in the UK - although it can affect 30 million people accross the country, that's nearly half the population!

But now scientists in Spain have discovered that a small device called 'Somnibel' has helped curb snoring in one in three snorers, the Daily Mail reports.


Developed by scientists at Araba University Hospital in Spain, the Somnibel aims to help people suffering with obstructive sleep apnoea – which is defined by the NHS as ‘when your breathing stops and starts while you sleep’.

The website states: “Somnibel is a Class IIa medical device that works for sleep apnoea and snoring treatment. 

“It consists of a small, light device that is attached to the forehead and vibrates gently whenever your patient is sleeping in a supine position, encouraging them to change position.


“Many different clinical studies believe positional therapy to be an effective solution for positional OSA, obtaining similar results to CPAP treatment.”

Professor Jaydip Ray, an ear, nose and throat consultant at Sheffield University, told the Daily Mail: “Simple snoring is a common social and medical problem that adversely affects many people.

“Easy to use, unobtrusive wearable devices using miniaturised accelerometers are a welcome solution for many of them. This initial study is encouraging.”


The product isn’t available to buy as of yet, but the company does state that it should be going on sale very soon – so your sleepless nights may soon be a thing of the past!


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