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Eric BlairAugust 27th

There’s nothing quite like the delicious scent of a candle to make the world seem like a better place is there?

Well, Yankee Candle’s latest collection sounds like it should be absolutely perfect for getting cosied up as those nights begin to creep in - yep it’s already happening!

Themed around the joy of campfires, the candle company’s new autumn range boasts four entirely new scents based on burning wood musk aromas. 

First up is the perfectly named 'Warm & Cosy'.


According to description, your initial impression will be balsam, peppermint and eucalyptus, while the body of the scent will give you cashmere, cedarwood and golden amber.

To top it all off, the base notes feature patchouli, lit firewood and musk - all of which should combine to make you feel like you're deep in a forest.

Next up we’ve got ‘A Night Under The Stars’.


This one boasts ‘a woody spicy fragrance that sparkles with a constellation of rose, leather and driftwood’. 

You’ll get top notes of leather, spice and driftwood, mid notes of clove, saffron and rose, and base notes of frankincense, patchouli and cedarwood.

Another new offering is 'Crisp Campfire Apples'


‘The scent of freshly picked apples cooking over the campfire on the crisp autumn air’, your initial impression will be top notes of apple, clove and mandarin leaf, while a deeper smell with give you middle notes of cinnamon stick and oak leaves.

Your final impression will be of tonka and blonde woods, which all sounds lovely and comforting doesn’t it?

And finally we’ve got 'Pecan Pie Bites'.


Based on the classic autumnal treat, enjoy the scent of miniature pastries with a sweet spicy filling loaded with toasted pecans. 

The top notes are cinnamon, burnt sugar and raw honey, while the middle notes are white hazelnut, pecan and dark chocolate, and a base of clove, oak wood and smoked cedar.

All of the candles are available on Amazon for £23.99 with free delivery for a large size which will give you around 150 hours of delightful aromas. 

However, don’t forget that TOTUM members can get 15% off Yankee Candles at Candles Direct! 

Although these latest editions may not be available, whether you’re after scented candles, reed diffusers, scented hand creams, wax melts or car fragrances, Candles Direct’s huge range is bound to have something to delight your nostrils.

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