Eric BlairAugust 28th

Over many years as a chocolate lover, I’ve come to realise that people usually fall into one of three camps - you’re either a Galaxy person, a Cadbury person or a Hershey’s kinda guy.

Since we’re in the UK, we’ll leave the Hershey’s crowd aside to enjoy the cheesy taste of their bizarre chocolate for now, to inform all you Galaxy lovers out there that there’s a new release for you to get your gums around. 

The silky chocolate brand has launched a delicious new twist on its classic buttons, adding crunchy caramel pieces into the mix!


And just in case that wasn’t enough good news for you, a 93g bag of their Caramel Crunch Buttons will set you back just £1 - a bargain if I ever saw one. 

The new addition to the Galaxy cannon are really just bite-sized versions of Caramel Crunch Swirlers - which is only a good thing in my book. 

The news comes hot on the heals of the announcement that the confection company have launched Galaxy Truffles, featuring a rich, velvety truffle centre encased in smooth Galaxy milk chocolate. Delicious.

If these sound familiar, don't worry you probably had the pleasure of experiencing them when they were first introduced in the mixed Celebrations box years back.

But - to the distress of many - they were brutally removed from the mix back in 2011, and have left a truffle shaped hole in our hearts ever since. 

Fortunately, a series of petitions to bring them back have been heeded, with the result that the truffles have made a triumphant return complete with their very own dedicated box.

But the icing on the cake - they will be available all year round. From mid-August you’ll be able to get your hands on a 206g box in supermarkets and stores nationwide for £4.99.


Sarah Mellor, Brand Director said: "We are extremely excited to be launching GALAXY: Truffles in the UK this year and to be entering the all year-round gifting market for the first time as a brand."

She added: "For so many, GALAXY: Truffles were part of a much-loved festive tradition and we are thrilled to be answering the undeniable demand, reinventing this favourite, now available all year round, as the perfect gift to bring pleasure to the next generation of GALAXY fans.”

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