Eric BlairSeptember 9th

We know you’ve been waiting for it, so here’s out weekly instalment of Lotus Biscoff news!

Yep, after bringing you Biscoff Cheesecake, Fudge, Mousse, Lasagne and most recently Biscoff Battenburg, this time we’d like to bring giant tubs of Biscoff Sauce to your attention.

Perfect for topping all kinds of creations from crepes and waffles to milkshakes and cakes, to simply spooning straight down your throat, Biscoff Sauce has fast become a staple of store cupboards up and down the country. 

And if you’ve been thinking that a regular sized jar just isn’t really going to do it for you any more, why not go big or go home and invest in whopping great tub of the stuff?

Just so we know what we’re dealing with here - a regular supermarket jar weighs 400g but they’re now available in both a 1.6kg and an 8kg tub, never will you have to worry about finding an empty jar again. 

If you do fancy treating yourself to one of these bad boys, the place to look is Pure Gusto, a catering company that provides coffee and supplies to cafes and restaurants.

The team at the catering firm say the Biscoff buckets offer the ‘delectably tempting caramelised biscuit spread from Lotus Bakeries, but in a very large, 8kg catering format and that they are ‘ideal for very busy outlets or cafes’.

No mention of personal use but… 

A 1.6kg tub will set you back £9.99 whereas its giant cousin, the 8kg tub, costs £49.99. So, you know, a relatively heavy investment, but just imagine the creations…

And while you’re at it, why not pair it with this Biscoff biscuit dispenser for your home! 

Priced at an absolute bargain of just £12.49 on Amazon, the Lotus Biscoff Dispenser Box contains a tooth-tingling 150 of your favourite little caramel-flavoured biscuits - all individually packed, which admittedly is not great for the environment, but is great for imagining you’re sitting in a cafe.

You can order the dispenser with Prime delivery - which TOTUM members can get absolutely FREE for 6 months by the way - meaning you won’t even have to wait long before it’s with you! 

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