Eric BlairMay 10th

Starting to get a little bored of jigsaws and Zoom quizzes? Well, why not pit your wits against your friends in a different way… 

How about mixing up your lockdown get togethers with a good old fashioned murder mystery party - but you know, a virtual one!

My Mystery Party have now launched a series of murder mystery parties that can be played virtually by groups of up to ten people.


Specifically made for platforms like Zoom, Facetime, Skype etc, they’re a great way to change up your digital meet-ups and you can even dress for the occasion! 

To get involved all you’ve got to do is download and get sleuthing!

There’s a few different cases to choose from, each with its own unique set of characters, plots and clues to test your detective skills to the max. 

Just an example - for the chilling case of ‘Murder in Dreary Hollow’  the synopsis reads: “Leota Xavier was the most despised lady in the town of Dreary Hollow. With a sharp tongue and scowls galore, this spinster managed to make more enemies than friends during her miserable lifetime.

"A five-time widow with more money than good sense, she had retired from being the headmistress at Dark Harbor Preparatory School long ago and lived alone in a mansion on the outer edge of town.

"To nobody's surprise, Leota's body was discovered in her front yard when her butler left her alone one night.

"The Dreary Hollow Police have summoned you. You either have the missing pieces of the puzzle needed to solve the case, or you are a prime suspect."

Well, that’s me hooked!

Here's how it works...

  • The host sends character packets in advance of the game to each player. These were designed specifically for video chat.

  • Players are allowed to view specified pages and a pre-game website until the game starts (the files are marked heavily).

  • There's no printing required, but it is best to have a second device to keep the PDF open with during game play. Most use a phone while on a PC or laptop.

  • When the host starts the game, they read the player instructions. Some games might have an introductory video to set the scene.

  • The players will take turns performing their scripts until everyone has a turn. Then, they will work on a group activity.

  • Round two will follow and depending upon the game, might have a second video to play.

  • The players will take turns with new information and work on a second game activity.

  • Some games might have an autopsy or forensic report to consider before making a guess of whodunit.

  • Then, the host reads the solution to the group - with all the drama of a Poirot revelation, obvs.

Apparently the games work best for 4-10 people and are suitable for ages 13 and over.

Prices start from $37.95 (which is just over £30) which split between a few of you is nothing really is it?

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