Abigail MeadowOctober 13th

Cuteness overload! All you yogis out there will be obsessed with this new idea of taking a yoga class with furry classmates.

The class aims to combine the relaxation of yoga with the calming influence of baby animals. Cuddling a bunny mid session will no doubt bring anyone inner happiness and peace.

Baby rabbits will hop around during your session and while it might be a distraction (a welcomed one at least), it's said to be a de-stresser... I'm feeling zen even thinking about it.


Because of the extra factor of the bunnies bouncing around, the class comes with the added bonus of 'improving body awareness', 'cause it would be truly awful to squish one of the lil cuties!

The pets are sourced from reputable breeders and charities who look after them. Pets Yoga says on their website: "[Our] long-term goal is to work with charities which could be such an amazing way to connect people with a new furry friend."

For this reason you can't bring your own animals, so leave the ol' boys at home.

Bunny Yoga


Bunnies aren't the only animal yoga class the company offers, as Puppy Yoga and Kitten Yoga classes are also available.

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