Malaysia Airlines | TOTUM Student Discount | SAVE ON TRAVEL WITH MHEXPLORER


Live your best life and save on your travel with Malaysia Airways student lifestyle programme, MHexplorer! Not flushed with cash? Don’t worry, sign up to MHexplorer and take advantage of great flight offers as well as loads of other student perks. Fill your days with adventures across all corners of the world, think less and travel more with MHexplorer.
o All students aged from 13 - 17 years old and shall be required provide a copy of their Identification Card (IC) (for Malaysian students) or passport copy (for international students). o All students aged from 18 - 26 years old and shall be required provide a confirmation letter or a valid student ID. 2. MHexplorer fares are available for outbound travel originating from all Malaysia Airlines & FireFly-operated flights & networks: excluding codeshare flights and flight to/from Jeddah and Madinah. 3. MHexplorer members will need to display proof of membership to Firefly personnel for the redemption of 20% Firefly Air Cargo discount. 4. Bookings shall only be made through on by MHexplorer members. 5. Bookings made through this program shall be classified under passenger type STUDENT. 6. Applications shall be processed within seven (7) working days from the date of enrollment made. 7. Malaysia Airlines reserves its full rights to approve or to reject any application for this program due to any reasons whatsoever and shall not be subject to any appeal and/or any legal actions. 8. Malaysia Airlines reserves its absolute rights to cancel booking or deny boarding in the event of abuse of the program in any ways whatsoever or any action of fraud was detected. 9. Other fare conditions and rules apply.