Abigail MeadowSeptember 18th

With all that socialising and partying there's a high chance freshers' flu is coming your way!

The reason for this is simply that large numbers of people from all over the place will carry pathogens to which they are immune, but you aren’t yet.

Freshers' flu will leave you feeling groggy, potentially a little feverish and maybe even give you a nice headache while it's there.


If you catch the dreaded bug it's likely that you've been putting your body under a lot of stress and it's screaming out for you to stop.

It might feel like the end of the world but don't worry! If you want to keep away from the perils of freshers' flu (not actually flu by the way) have a look at our tips....

Drink plenty of water


Drinking too much alcohol will weaken your immune system which is there to keep away all those nasty viruses.

Keep hydrated to make sure you're flushing out all potential freshers' flu toxins and keep that skin of yours glowing.

Eat Healthily


We don't mean to sound like your parents but... EAT YOUR FRUIT AND VEG! Nights out, for most of us, will inevitably end up in a take away, but don't let this be your main source of nutrition!

It really will only end up making you feel a whole lot worse in the long run. Give your body a chance to defend itself and eat some decent food.

Stay hygienic


Being around a lot of people means coming into contact with lots of germs. Don't be afraid to whip out the anti-bac, have a quick shower after a night out and of course - wash your hands!

Don't overdo it


Everybody's different, just because your new flatmate can go out every night during Freshers' Week it doesn't mean you should try and keep up.

If you're feeling like you've had enough for one evening maybe it's time to go home and have a lie down.

Having a good rest is the key to feeling great!

Make sure you're up to date with vaccinations


Chances are your freshers' flu is just the common cold, but it could be something worse.

Meningitus is linked to university students living halls of residence as its symptoms can be confused with a stomach bug or hangover!

You can find all the advice you need including how to recognise meningitis - and what to do if you think you or one of your friends is displaying symptoms on the NHS website here.

It's also important that you register for your new GP when you arrive at uni, so take half an hour out of one of your first few days to work out where your nearest doctors’ surgery is and get yourself signed up - it’ll make things so much easier when you’re feeling like crap.


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