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Jasmine TomlinsonAugust 27th

Away from the comfy cushions that you couldn't fit in the car, surrounded by books and budgets, it can feel a little 'impersonal' at times inside your uni room.

But don't despair! The truth is there are so many different, cheap and easy ways to liven up your dorm room thanks to social media sharing and all the clever crafters out there.


So get your gloves on and your glue guns at the ready (not needed for everything though, in case you haven't got one of these), as we delve into the world of budget inetrior design!

Even if it's a world that's sightly cheaper, off-brand and made out of green paper...

Pine Cones


Mother nature is a natural designer - and she's free, and right on your doorstep.

As one of the easiest decoration options, it's not uncommon to see people out and about collecting pine cones, conkers, leaves or branches around them, and it's also not uncommon to see them scattered in bowls, on shelves or made into crafts to bring some simple, cosy and natural shades into your living space.

Going by a certain colour scheme? Why not paint the pine cones and bits & bobs you've collected in your chosen colour or stick little gems on the cone scales for extra pizzazz?

Super easy.



Speaking of mother nature, the seas wash up second-hand beauties every day.

Next time you go on a beach trip, pick up as many pretty shells as possible (you may have to check there are no restrictions in place) and once you've washed the sand off, either pour them into a mason jar or just decorate them around the surfaces of your room.

Many people tend to glue them on wall decorations or even make jewellery out of them and there are some really gorgeous candle holders that crafters have stuck shells to as well - although this one's maybe not as useful because most uni accommodations aren't big fans of candles anyway, for obvious reasons...

If you're still mad about candles and a fan of the cosy look, why not buy some cheap battery-powered tea lights and dot them about your room - it still gives you that desired atmosphere but in the safest way possible.

Pin Boards


Some universities will have these on their walls already, but if not, pin/bulletin boards are mostly cheap and can be found in various furniture shops and online too.

It's a perfect, simple way to pin up your favourite photos of your pals, or any important leaflets you've been given, reminders, or even fairy-lights could be hooked around pins to brighten up the area.

Photos of your family, friends, or favourite idols are a perfect way of filling up your walls and reminding you of home when you really need it.

Coloured paper - worth all the hype!


The craftiest people among us have united to create the most beautiful world of coloured paper creations, changing bedrooms all across the country.

There seems to be a bit of a hype over the stuff, and I can see why. You can make so many easy crafts out of it, it's available in all sorts of colours and you can stick anything to it too.

For example, a simple way of making your walls more interesting would be to glue some photos on slightly larger pieces of coloured paper to give them pretty, colourful borders and make them stand out.

There are plenty of ideas out there on how to use such a simple thing and turn it into quite literally anything. Some pictures and videos that caught my eye were hanging decorations made out of paper, and tutorials linked to origami which again is a perfect, cheap way to create all kinds of shapes and ornaments.

White tack


White tack... we love you.

On top of any awesome creations you may have made out of coloured paper, your photos, posters, artwork, memes (maybe?) can all be attached to your walls to bling up your room with white tack - it's brilliant.

The reason we recommend white tack and not your standard blue tack is that it won't leave your walls with any nasty, blue marks and will save you from having to pay for damage when people come round to check the condition of your room.

Spider-man would approve!



This is BOUND to glam up your space quickly and easily - there's a reason why so many fancy Pinterest room-deco posts contain at least one string of fairy lights.

I don't know what it is about them, but dangly lights or even lamps and anything else that glows just make a room so much more cosy and aestheticly-pleasing - and if it's cosy we like it because it distracts us from the big bad homesickness!

Even if you look like Joyce from Stranger Things trying to communicate with someone who's trapped in an alternate dimension, don't question it, just string those lights up because your room is going to look and feel so much better afterwards.

A little bit of D.I.Y


D.I.Y and creative hacks have sort of formed their own universe, as crafters delight in endless tutorials and manuals, and at times the language can feel a little bit alien.

We've researched and found a really simple decoration hack that's easy for all and requires very little fuss or frustrating terminology.

Pretty and useful, you can make your own custom-painted pots to pop some colour and storage space into your room.

All you need to do is gather a few spare glass bottles/jars/vases, pour a few teaspoons of your chosen colours of paint into them, roll them around and shake until the paint has covered the inside, then set your bottles upside down so that any excess paint can come out (this can be done by placing them upside down on a cooling rack on top of some baking sheets/paper) and let them dry for at least three days before use - that's it!

You'll have colourful pots that can store pens, fake flowers, makeup brushes or just act as aesthetic ornaments, and they're easy to make either at home or at uni.

For more information, you can check out this article here for more detail on the process.

Hanging Things


Speaking of storage, things that you can hang like shower caddies and shoe organisers (looks like those pocketed things some science classes use to store safety goggles in), are all super useful and easy ways to store different items.

This isn't to say that they need to be used in showers or for shoes, you can hang them up anywhere and the separated compartment spaces are great for the organisation of any items you may have.

Other things that can hang on your walls to make your room a little more personal are your clothes! Band or football shirts come to mind, or just anything you like to express about yourself.

Maybe you have this cool denim jacket with patterns stitched into it or a piece of clothing you just really like, whatever it is, visibly hang it up on any hooks you can find and you'll be surprised at what it can add. This can also help free up some room in your wardrobe - great!

Pompoms & Pegs

pompom garland

Pompoms = a student's best friend.

Cheap, simple, and mainly found in your childhood memories, pompoms might be the thing you always skip past in stores and never really question the use of.

Well, it's time to start looking out for these fellas. On Pinterest, there's a ton of people who use pompoms, some string and a branch probably found in their back-garden to make hanging garlands in their chosen colours. They actually look pretty neat, and save you a few pennies instead of buying a branded wall decoration.

Don't be afraid to get creative and come up with your own inventions, you could even add googly eyes onto separate pompoms and make cute fluffy creatures if you want, it'll add a little bit of fun to your room!

Pegs and string are also a cheap way to hang stuff up and make your room more interesting. Why not attach printed photos or Polaroids to the pegs? Or even peg up little origami creatures made from the coloured paper crafts mentioned earlier?

Pegs and string can be easily found at most shops that sell crafts and fiddly bits and bobs, at a very good price too.

Rugs & Blankets


As snug as a bug in a rug. This last one is both effective in jazzing up your room and making it super comfortable at the same time.

Block coloured rugs, blankets and throws can be easily found at home-ware stores and are a great way to make your room look more complete, colourful and welcoming... oh and super soft.

If it stretches out wide enough, some people even use big, old scarves and uncurl them so they can drape the pretty material over their bed or make it dangle from their wall for some relaxing, floaty movements.

More of a party person? There's loads of fun rugs out there that are dotted with patterns and bright colours, so just pick and choose whatever's right for you!

Hopefully this list will give you a head-start in easy (and cheap!) decor ideas that are bound to make your uni room the 'fairest of them all', and help you feel a little more at home if things get tough.

So good luck in your studies - and your crafting!

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