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How To Access The Very Best Amazon Prime Day Deals With TOTUM

Ben HaywardJuly 7th

Sound the bargain klaxon, Amazon Prime Day is nearly upon us!

Held once a year, Amazon Prime Day offers exclusive discounts to Amazon Prime members everywhere with this year’s set to be the biggest event yet - and TOTUM members can get six months Amazon Prime membership for FREE!

Prime Day 2018 was the biggest day of sales in Amazon’s history with over 89 million visits logged (up 10% on 2017), so it looks like 2019 could be even bigger.


So when is it? Well, Amazon Prime Day 2019 will take place on July 15th-16th, giving us an awesome 48-hours of bargains this year, so get ready for even more deals than usual.

The best offers are normally the Amazon branded ones - but by no means are they the only ones. Loads of other manufacturers and third-party merchants are fully aware that if they save their best deals for Prime Day, the eyes of millions of extra shoppers will be on them as they hit Amazon.

So what type of deals can we as consumers expect to pick up when Prime Day hits? 

Over the years ,Prime Day has become a fantastic opportunity for tech fans to pick up some of the latest releases at incredible discount prices.


According to Amazon themselves, they sold over 100 million products around the world on last years’s Prime Day. They shifted over one million smart home devices - not just Amazon ones but Philips Hue lights, Hive thermostats and various manufacturers’ smart plugs - and it was the biggest day ever for Echo devices, Fire tablets for kids, Kindle e-readers and Fire TV products.

The two best-sellers worldwide were the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote and the Echo Dot - both of which have been replaced with newer versions since, so it’s a pretty safe bet that both products will have some tasty discounts on them this year too. 

But you don’t even have to wait for Prime Day as there are a number of great offers that have already been activated including the aforementioned Amazon Echo Dot for just £25, a 3-month free trial of Kindle Unlimited or if you’re in the market for a new TV, you can get your hands on a Philips 55” 4K ambilight TV reduced to £600 from £800 or a Hisense 65” 4K HDR TV for £580 down from £700.


So the question on everyone’s lips is obviously ‘how do I get access to these epic deals?’ Well basically you’ll have to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership. 

And the good news is that TOTUM members can sign up to Amazon Prime for FREE for six months, giving you access to loads of TV show and movie content on Prime Video, free Kindle books/magazines, member-only discounts and super fast delivery options - as well as the very best deals available on Prime Day.

So, if you want to make the most for this year’s Prime Day, simply sign up to TOTUM and activate your FREE six month Amazon Prime trial. 

All you’ve got to do then is sit back, relax, and enjoy all the incredible offers at your fingertips…

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