Louis Theroux Documentary Encourages People To Have Conversations About Consent

'The Night In Question' sparks conversations on social media

Louis Theroux's latest documentary, 'The Night In Question', which tackled sexual consent by talking to both survivors and perpetrators of sexual abuse, has sparked several vital conversations on social media.

The hour long episode hit TV screens last night and centred around Saifullah Khan, a student from the University of Yale, who was accused of raping a fellow student after a house party.

Khan was cleared of all charges and has pleaded his innocence ever since as he awaits the outcome of a University probe.


Speaking to Theroux, 'Saif' said "I got woken up with her slapping me, and she said we shouldn't have had sex. A few days later, I found out she is accusing me of rape."

Theroux brought up the accusations on several occasions during the documentary, leading several viewers to comment on similar situations on social media.

One tweet read, '"It's not my job to prove my innocence." - Male student accused of rape. Yet it's every woman's job to prove hers."'

Another Twitter user tweeted: *'"Did I punch" Why is it so rarely understood that women often won't fight back, we know that the consequences of doing that can lead to much worse.

Beth Johnson posted, "#LouisTheroux Saif Khan saying she was 'vomiting in a side street but she was just buzzed' then 'she vomited a second time'.... If someone is vomiting twice from alcohol its pretty clear that they aren't in a fit state to consent to sex. Don't be scum."

"When up against guys that are stronger, bigger. Fighting is not our response."'*

Another Yale student, Jonathan, featured in the episode and had made similar accusations towards Khan, this time involving a threesome. When Theroux repeated this account to Khan, the student responded, *"Why do I have to confirm or deny rumours or allegations? This is not a court, and obviously I deny I've had that sort of relationship with him."

"I did not have sexual relationships with John."*


At the end of the documentary, it was revealed that Yale expelled Khan in December of last year after their probe into the allegations against him found him 'responsible for sexual assault'.