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Emily HankeyOctober 29th

Frighteningly good food

First things first, any self-respecting party night needs snacks. The Co-op has got a range of recipes for spooky snacks from witches’ wands (fruit skewers at any other time of year) to pumpkin pie.

The one snack no party can survive without though? Chips and dips. Get festive and display a carved pumpkin on top of a mound of crisps – you could go all out and even have guacamole splurging out of the pumpkin’s mouth!

With the bake off final just around the corner – don’t forget cakes and treats. In honour of my favourite contestant Bryony (controversial though it maybe) I’ll be giving these undead blackberry cupcakes a go. The marshmallow skull toppers are too cute to resist!

Devilishly good drinks

What better cocktail for a spooktacular than a Bloody Mary? Whip up a batch in no time by placing a large handful of ice into a jug and pouring over 200ml vodka, 1 litre of tomato juice and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Add 6 shakes each of Worcestershire Sauce and Tabasco Sauce, plus a pinch of salt and pepper. Give it all a good stir and serve.

For the designated drivers amongst you, serve up this Dracula’s Blood Punch. Simmer 2 litres of cherry juice in a large pan with orange peel, cinnamon, chilli, ginger and cloves. Cool in the fridge and serve with fang shaped sweets as a ghoulish garnish!

Menacingly good music

Ok – so The Monster Mash might not be top of your most played list usually, but exceptions must be made! All Hallow’s Eve is the perfect time to ramp up the cheesy classic sound track and get people dancing (and laughing) along to your tunes.

Press play on this Halloween House Party playlist featuring everything from Michael Jackson’s Thriller to Ella Henderson’s Ghost … all bases, covered!

Gruesomely good games

It wouldn’t be a proper gathering without some party games, whether you run them just for fun – or split everyone into teams, set up a score board and get seriously competitive!

Give everyone a pumpkin (the odder the shape the better) a carving kit, and a tealight. Get carving, turn down the lights, light the candles and give points to your top three.

Or paint your Jenga with glow in the dark paint for a gloomy twist on a classic game.

On a budget? Give each team some toilet rolls and time them to see who can wrap up one of their team in a convincing mummy costume in the quickest time!

Or buy a bag of apples and get your mates to go apple bobbing – add a spooky twist by carving the apples into shrunken heads first!

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