Someone InventedA Bean BagOnesie So YouCan Sit InComfortEverywhereSomeone Invented A BeanBag Onesie So You Can SitIn Comfort Everywhere

Ben HaywardApril 12th

Sometimes you just need a good old sit down don’t you. Especially if you’ve got dodgy knees that you swear prematurely ended a promising football career.

The trouble is, you don’t always have somewhere comfortable to sit down do you, so what if I was to tell you that now you can have a lovely sit down wherever you are, and that the seat you so desire is built into your outfit?

It turns out this pipe dream is in fact a reality, after the genius minds over at came up with the Bean Bag Onesie.

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They say the piece was invented for people who hate sitting and can't be bothered to carry a folding chair with them wherever they go - which to be fair wouldn’t be massively convenient, although…

To quote the item’s creators: “Rejoice! The struggle is finally over. Never stand when you can sit.” They also make the claim that the onesie can: "Solve all of your problems… Or at least all of your seating related ones.”

It kind of looks like a tortoise whose shell has slipped down towards its bum. The brand call the padded bum area a ‘trunkgrade’ because it's upgraded the ‘trunk’ of a regular onesie, which is a term I didn’t know existed.

Exclusive to the online store - and for the princely sum of just (£69) - the Bean Bag Onsie is made from 100% cotton - breathable - and the 'trunkgrade' is filled with a cotton and polyester fibre mix and polystyrene balls - very much the Ferrari of the bean bag stuffing world.

Currently it's only available in 'Gumby Green’, but ThinkGeek have said that customers should let them know if they’d like them to expand their repertoire of colours.

If you do buy the Bean Bag you are encouraged to share pictures of yourself wearing/using the garment using the hashtag #geekfamous on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest for a chance to appear in the newsletter and to win a £76 ($100) gift card.

Who’s keen?

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