Ben HaywardJuly 28th

We all have our moments don’t we - phone down the loo, laptop tumbling down the stairs, iPad left on the train - clumsiness follows us around like a bit of toilet roll stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

But can something as seemingly innocent as geography have an influence over exactly how clumsy we are? Are there some places in the UK that are clumsier than others? 

In order to answer this burning question, student insurance company Endsleigh carried out a spot of research to determine whether any locations have more of a tendancy towards mishaps than others.

And this is what they found out… 

Where is the clumsiest place in Britain?


Where did you think it would be? Is that fast-paced London lifestyle more conducive to losing your smartphone? Does the cold northern climate give people brain-freeze, causing them to leave their stuff all over the place?

Well, Endsleigh’s research actually shows that the Midlands is the clumsiest place in Britain, making up almost a fifth (17%) of all gadget claims made in 2017, with London coming in a close second, on 16%.

So if location affects your clumsiness, what other seemingly unrelated things could be playing their part…?

Which are the clumsiest names in Britain?


It seems unlikely doesn’t it, but Endsleigh’s analysis of over 2,500 mobile phone claims showed that people named Hannah and James are most likely to lose their smartphones, whereas Chrises, Annes, Sallys and Stuarts were shown to be the UK’s least clumsy individuals.

During their research, Endsleigh also found out that Samsung owners are clumsier than their counterparts, being far more likely to lose or damage their smartphone, accounting for 23% of all claims made in 2017, whereas us responsible Apple owners make up just 16% of gadget claims.

So, what can we do to try and keep our beloved gadgetry safe from mishaps? Endsleigh also have a few tips for us in that department. 

1. Don’t keep stuff in your back pocket


That’s right, the old back pocket is one of the number one culprits in gadget accidents - there’s a higher risk you’ll sit on it (obviously) but it also leaves your phone more vulnerable to pesky pickpockets.

2. Get a screen protector


With the average Samsung screen repair costing at least £100 (rising to £136 for an Apple smartphone screen replacement), there’s nothing quite like that feeling of picking your phone up from the floor and seeing that crack snaking its way across your screen. 

And it’s so easy to avoid! All you’ve got to do is invest in a screen protector and your phone screen will be both clean and wonderfully crack-free.

3. Keep it locked up


If you’re one for leaving expensive gadgets lying around at home, it’s probably a good idea to keep them locked up and out of the view of prying eyes, rather than on show for the whole world to see.

Equally as important as literally locking up your prized possessions is creating a strong passcode, as this will prevent anyone from picking up your gadget and having immediate access. As a general rule, the longer the passcode, the tougher it is to crack, and for maximum security it should ideally be made up of a mixture of numbers, letters and symbols.

4. Make sure it’s covered


Let’s face it, no matter how many precautions you take, accidents happen. So it’s probably best to prepare for the ‘worst-case scenario’ and take out suitable gadget insurance for your belongings.

That way, even if your phone, tablet or laptop does end up in the sea, down the toilet or run over by a bus, you won’t be without it for too long.

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