This NewSpooning PillowStops Your ArmGoing Numb AndWe Need OneImmediatelyThis New Spooning PillowStops Your Arm Going NumbAnd We Need OneImmediately

Joe BaiamonteFebruary 11th

__Let's face it, apart from those hungover naps on the settee you have on a Sunday afternoon where you wake up, your headache has disappeared and Home Alone's inexplicably on the telly despite Christmas still being months off, there really aren't many better ways to sleep than spooning.

The only problem with a spoon, however, is the unavoidable, crippling numbness that strikes in the arm underneath your 'little spoon'.

Any regular big spoon will know the feeling. One minute you're all smugly tucked up, the next you're half awake, confused and wondering why you've only got three quarters of the limbs you ordinarily have but are in no noticeable pain, despite the fact that, in your cloudy mental state, you're clearly an arm down.

You then realise your little spoon has rendered your under arm completely and utterly numb and now you've got to deal with a dead weight flopping around like an elephant's trunk on the side of your torso. Great. Cheers for that.

But now, thanks to a bloke called Bob, help is at hand.

Bob noticed that his girlfriend Shirley was regularly leaving him numb limbed and decided to cut up some foam and wrap it around a piece of plastic he had warped into shape in the oven (as you do).

The result was a tunnel shaped pillow that Bob dubbed 'The Coodle Pillow'.

Bob and Shirley immediately patented the product, which can now be found on Amazon for $65.

While it's no doubt a wonderful invention, the picture on Amazon does make it look a bit like one of those relatively niche 'adult' devices aimed at aiding various adventurous positions in the bedroom, doesn't it?

Really can't get that out of my head now. Fair play though. Always nice to have a multi-purpose accessory, isn't it? Especially so close to Valentine's Day.

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