Thousands Of UKPupils PlanningMass LessonWalkout OverClimate ChangeThousands Of UK PupilsPlanning Mass LessonWalkout Over ClimateChange

Joe BaiamonteFebruary 11th

_Friday 15th February will see thousands of pupils ditch their usual timetables in order to take to the streets in protest over climate change.

__ The movement began in August with Greta Thunberg - a 16-year-old schoolgirl from Sweden - protesting outside the country's Parliament on her own.

Now, Thunberg's solo act has spawned a movement, with pupils from more than 30 cities and towns across the UK, including Manchester, London and Glasgow following her lead and taking to the streets on Friday.

The protest, named Youth Strike 4 Action has been organised by the UK Student Climate Network and will begin at 11am, lasting for three hours in total.

London activists have been asked to gather at Parliament Square, with a post on the Facebook event page reading, *"The World’s Youth are waking up. Millions of young people are realising it’s now or never and are now taking direct action on the climate crisis and ecological catastrophe.

"Whether you are at school, college or uni, go on strike on the Friday 15th February. For some this falls on half term; join the protest anyway, with youth from across the world.*

"Tell the Government you’re prepared to break the rules to make change happen."

UK Youth Climate Coalition member Jack Woodier added, “The images of what Greta did and then the huge strikes by schoolchildren in other countries have been widely shared by young people on social media and have really inspired people.”

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