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Abigail MeadowMarch 18th

Working from home for some people is easy, for others not so much. You've gotta get the feng shui right, you know?

It's good to be sitting in an environment you feel inspired to work in, so if you've been put in the unusual circumstance of having to study or work from home, we thought we'd put together a list of items to make being at home a little better.

Keep calm and carry on, right?

1. Essential Oil Diffuser


There are loads of different types of room diffusers you can get but we're going to focus on essential oil diffusers.

This way you can tailor it to your favourite scents for your different needs.

They're good for reducing stress and some can even boost your immune system. A lot of essential oils have antibacterial and antiviral effects all which protect your immune system once inhaled. By diffusing the oils into the air, airborne germs are warded off before you become ill!

One we have found even has changing LED lights where you can change your lighting to fit your mood (£14.99). Each of them is adjustable between bright and dim modes, and could be set steady on.

You could use this after a long day of working to relax after staying in the same quaters all day or - even better - to keep you nice and calm while working.

2. Mini Fish Tank


OK, OK. This one isn't totally essential. But it could brighten up the whole room.

This fish tank could be exactly what you need to work hard and stay productive, you never know... And the best part is, it cleans itself (and it's only £12.15!)

The product desription reads: "There is a special reservoir beneath the rocks that captures the waste as it works its way to the bottom, keeping the water crystal clear. Before pouring water into the tank, place a collection glass below the spout to allow the dirty water to flush itself out into the glass. Cleaning automatically stops when the water reaches the perfect level."

This could be perfect as a centre piece on your table or just on a countertop as it could easily liven up any space! For just £11.55, who could say no?

3. Memory foam seat cushion


Universities and work places usually offer comfortable chairs that you're able to adjust to your body to make your working day comfy.

At home, you'd think you'd be comfier. Well, believe it or not, your dining room chair can be a little tough on your tooshie and can lead to other aches and pains too!

With this memory foam seat cushion, you're bound to feel comfier and ready to work your socks off!

For just £24.99, it's easy to use with office chairs, kitchen chairs and even couches if you fancy watching TV while working.

Which leads me on to our next point...

4. Adjustable Ergonomic Foot Rest


Like I said, it's important to have the ultimate comfort in your own home, and if you have a foot rest at work or the library, you'll miss one at home!

Having a foot rest at home can help improve posture and circulation, soothing your legs and feet while you work at your desk or kitchen table or basically any surface you can get your hands (or laptop) on!

Pair this (£16.68) with your favourite fluffy bed socks and you're onto a winner!

5. THE BUTT Tape Dispenser and Supply Station


So now you're in the safety of your own home it's time unleash the real inner weirdo and we think stationery is a good place to start, because if you're not obsessed with stationery, we can't be friends.

This has got to be the ultimate essential (for just £4.37) right?

Most desktop stationery items blend into the background but not the quirky Butt Station.

With the Butt Station you'll get a roll of tape, multi-coloured paperclips, sticky notes and a pen all held in one place (not up his butt, while he's on the toilet... get your mind out of the gutter).

This stationery holder is for sure going to brighten anybody's mood while they're cooped up!

6. Magnetic weekly planner


It's super hard to stay motivated and remember what you've got to do for the day while you're anywhere else but your usual working environment.

But with a weekly planner, you'll never miss a thing! And while we're here, why not make it magnetic, eh!?

Make your busy life a little bit easier by putting all your 'to-do's' in one place.

With this magnetic weekly planner, you can stick it anywhere as you'll receive adhesive reusable pads to stick it up. So if you're not feeling it in your bedroom one day, you can move it to the kitchen, easy! Psst, and it's only £13.89...

7. Extension cable


So, you've found the perfect spot in your house but it's not near a plug and your laptop dies.

Then it's time to get the longest extension cable you can find to make it work, because lemme tell you for the hundreth time... A PERFECT WORKING ENVIRONMENT IS CRUCIAL TO WORKING FROM HOME EFFECTIVELY AND YOU MUST NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES! *breathes* Okay. I'm done.

We'd recommend a standing up one (£13.99) to make any living room stay chic as posible and limits tripping potential, because, you know, you can see it poking up...

8. Indoor house plants


Having plants in your home or shared accommodation can brighten up any room, it's even been proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity which is defintely needed to complete the working day!

These plants would be perfect for any bedside table or window ledge and taking a break from your busy schedule to water them could be exactly what you need.

With this £12.95 purchase, you'll get three delivered to you. And you know what they say, three is the magic number!

9. Groot Plant Pot


Aaaaaand back to silly. Becasue c'mon it can't be all work and no play.

If you love Guardians of the Galaxy and plants, you're going to want this one ASAP (£6.99).

Even if you're not into plants, buyers have commented on this product saying they've even used it for other things like storing cutlery in their household. Hey, we don't make the rules.

10. Retro Bluetooth Speaker


Okay, so Phil and Holly on This Morning just ain't cutting it anymore.

TV can often be distracting with the flashing images and colour changing. With this bluetooth speaker you can put any relaxing sounds on, all you have to do is hook up your phone and voila (well after you've paid the £39.24 for it).

Got a study playlist you save for library trips? Whack it on this fella right here and you'll feel as zen as ever.

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