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Charlotte FieldsMarch 27th

Self Isolation can be tough and not speaking to friends for three weeks or longer is even tougher!

With technology being pretty advanced right now, you've got no excuse but just incase you're at a loss, we've come up with a few nifty ways on how to stay connected with your loved ones.

Take a look:




If you're an Apple phone kinda person, FaceTime is the one for you. If you've got somebody saved as a contact you can call whenever you want!

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Phone calls


Take it back to the old school and make use of those unlimited minutes you've got on your mobile.

This way you don't have to make yourself look half decent. In case you haven't got unlimited minutes, it's time to get a new contract pal.

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Send an E-mail.


Remember those things? Call me old fashioned, but I love an e-mail - especially when it's not spam from a newsletter I signed up for when I was about 13...

You could tell the recipient about your day inside and whether you've actually managed to stick to your homework out schedule you created for yourself.

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Share music


If you want to talk to somebody but you're worried you won't have things to talk about, share music on apps like Amazon and Spotify.

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With both of these options, you can listen and share music with friends which will surely give you something to natter about.

Check your broadband connection


To do all of these things via the internet, you'll need to check whether you've got a good Wi-fi connection.

BT's Openreach has reported a 20% surge in internet use, which means we're putting a lot of pressure on broadband providers, which in turn could slow down your connection if it's not strong enough.

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