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Eve AllmanOctober 29th

From classics to newbies, we’ve picked out these frightfully (sorry) good movies to watch this Halloween. So, pick your position, grab that cushion and settle down for the ultimate fright night…

1. The Conjuring

Paranormal investigation, witches at a farmhouse, sounds boring right? Wrong. You’ll be jumping out of your skin at this emotionally gripping tale, that’s apparently based on real life. I’ll let you be the judge of that…

2. Lights out

Trust me, you’ll definitely want to keep those lights ON with this one. Basically, it confirms alllll the reasons why you used to be scared of the dark, when a woman is haunted by a creature in the dead of night.

3. Hocus Pocus

A childhood classic and one not to be missed. A little light-hearted witchery never goes a miss. So, it won’t come as a surprise that this is actually the most popular Halloween movie!

4. Suicide Squad

Ok, so not technically a Halloween film but still, it’s worth a watch. Action packed and full of your fave Hollywood actors, watch as the super villain squad go on their first mission: save the world.

5. Nightmare before Christmas

What’s better than Halloween I hear you ask… well something that combines it with Christmas of course! A classic for the rest of the year, you can’t beat Jack Skellington’s dream of injecting Christmas cheer in to Halloween (even if it is only October still).

6. Shaun of the Dead

A classic. You’ll never get bored of this hilarious British actioned packed zombie comedy. If you don’t mind a bit of gore you’ll love this, and after watching you’ll probably want a zombie friend to live in your shed and play fifa!

7. Insidious

Unexplained happenings. Demonic forces. The rocking horse. It’s your classic paranormal film. But give it a chance and you’ll soon realise that Insidious IS inside you, as bodies become vessels for ghosts to take life and you’ll be petrified. If one film isn’t enough to scare you, this series has 4 so take your pick which where to start with!

8. Hotel Transylvania

And finally, just because. It’s not a scary one but it is perfect for a rainy Sunday when you fancy an easy watch. Plus, the bats are really cute! 🦇 😍

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